Projects and case studies featuring water engineering on EXTERNAL WORKS. Inspiration and ideas to help you find the best solution for your project.
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  • Cotswold Estates and Gardens Ltd: Private garden, Andoversford, Gloucestershire
    Private garden, Andoversford, Gloucestershire
    Cotswold Estates and Gardens Ltd
    This project involved the design and construction of a complete garden on a brownfield site. It included a natural swimming pond that provides a splendid exercise and leisure feature. Water filtration is through the marginal...
  • Natural swimming pool, Cornwall
    Clear Water Revival
    This large (25m long) Freeform Planted Type 5 swimming pool incorporates local granite into the walls and waterfall surrounding the swimming area. The water supply is from a borehole 40m below the adjoining house
  • Natural swimming pool, Bristol
    Clear Water Revival
    This Freeform Planted Type 5 swimming pool is 6m x 20m, an optimal size for lap swimming. The pool relies on the surrounding regeneration zone to filter the water naturally and receives passive solar gain from the shallow...
  • Natural swimming pool, Lechlade
    Clear Water Revival
    This Classic Planted Type 3 swimming pool has a separate planted bio-filter which can been seen towards the back of the lawn. This allows for a very clean and crisp finish to meet the client's requirement for a chemical free...
  • Natural swimming pool and koi pond
    Clear Water Revival
    This Freeform Planted Type 5 natural swimming pool included a koi pond and pool cover. The planted area is in the same body of water as the swimming area, but the koi pond is not connected to the main system to avoid...
  • Natural swimming pool, Kent
    Clear Water Revival
    This Freeform Planted Type 5 swimming pool is 15.5m x 9.5m. The client wanted a pool with a modern and clean look, but one that would still blend into the landscape with the use of integrated planting. The client also wished...