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  • Specifying non-slip decking for roof gardens
    Specifying non-slip decking for roof gardens Specifying decking for roof gardens usually means there will be several competing requirements, including space restraints, slip risk, accessibility, aesthetics, maintenance and...
  • Timber decking for schools and education facilities
    Timber decking for schools and education facilities Decking specified for schools and playgrounds needs to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and not present a hazard to playing children. Timber decking is a very...
  • Non slip decking for balconies and residential areas
    Non slip decking for balconies and residential areas Specifying decking for residential balconies brings its own set of challenges. For the resident, an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space is the priority. For the...
  • Why our forests matter
    In the UK we sometimes take our forests, woodland and green space for granted, but you may be surprised to learn that the UK is one of the least wooded areas in Europe. Only 13% of our landmass is woodland, which is far less...
  • Specifying non-slip decking for accessible areas
    What to consider when specifying non-slip decking for accessible high-traffic stairs and ramps When specifying decking in high-traffic public areas such as stairs and ramps, certain criteria should be addressed to ensure the...
  • Using timber decking on balconies
    There is some confusion and concern about using timber decking on balconies and at Marley we have certainly seen an increase in the level of queries and enquiries relating to this subject from architects, developers and...
  • Planning and designing a deck
    Hoppings Softwood Products
    Planning is probably the most important issue to get right with decking to ensure good results. Select the location of your deck carefully, having regard for privacy and sun, shade or wind. Decks built in highly shaded...
  • Decking considerations for moorings, piers & jetties
    Non-slip decking considerations for marina, moorings, piers and jetties Decking is often specified for marinas, moorings, piers and jetties, all of which are typically wet environments where timber can be slippery. Therefore...
  • Deck finishing – success comes in the preparation
    Silva Timber
    Nick Taylor, Managing Director of Silva Timber Products and Sjoerd Bos, VP of Sansin, provide advice on how best to finish decking. Whether you are a garden designer looking at a deck for a residential client, or an...
  • Specifying non-slip decking
    Specifying non-slip decking for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas When specifying decking areas for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas, consideration must be given to aesthetics, maintenance and safety.
  • Choosing the right deck boards for your job
    The popularity of deck boards for use in outside spaces is growing, and traditional grooved decking is still the most commonly used type. Contrary to popular belief, grooved board can be more hazardous than smooth when wet,...
  • Decking or Paving?
    SAiGE Longlife Decking
    When it comes to designing or changing your garden there are many difficult decisions to make. One of which might be: ‘Which is best decking or paving?’ There are many options when it comes to decking and paving, and...
  • Anti Slip Solutions
    GripDeck Ltd
    Which anti slip solution is best for your use? GripDeck®inserts - Your timber and our inserts factory applied Timber decking is sent to our UK production facilities and we bond our GripDeck® inserts directly into your...
  • How to make existing decking safe underfoot
    GripDeck Ltd
    When decking is installed correctly and maintained sufficiently across the year it is just as safe as any other surface. But if decking hasn’t been laid right or it has been left uncleaned and untreated over an extended...
  • Gripsure Performance Warranty & Strength Graded Decking
    What is a performance warranty? Gripsure have introduced a revolutionary performance warranty for their non slip decking range. You can now be assured your decking will retain its non slip performance for 10 years,...