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  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Single goal end for multisports areas (J2245)
    Single goal end for multisports areas (J2245)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    The Single Goal End J2245 for multisports areas can be installed on its own for training purposes or as a pair for playing matches. They appeal to users of all ages and provide space for basketball, netball, football and...
  • Rocklyn Engineering: Boundary - multi-use games area (MUGA)
    Boundary - multi-use games area (MUGA)
    Rocklyn Engineering
    The Boundary multi-use games area (MUGA) is ideally suited to school and sports club installations. It has half-height (<1.75m) fencing panels made from HPDE, set in a metal framework. It offers improved acoustic properties...
  • NatraTex: Natratex MUGA surfacing
    Natratex MUGA surfacing
    MUGA surfacing creates an all weather area suitable for numerous sports and games within a single zone. Synthetically bound coloured aggregate in a broad palette of exciting colours enables sports and recreational spaces...
  • Schoolscapes: Sprint Track
    Sprint Track
    Our sports range offers multiple opportunities for children to train and boost their fitness. Helping children have a healthy and active lifestyle is important, as well as some healthy competition. The Sprint Track provides...
  • AMV Playground Solutions: Multi use games areas
    Multi use games areas
    AMV Playground Solutions
    AMV Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) have heavy-duty posts and fence panels with a lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion. AMV build each MUGA bespoke for the site, allowing for uneven surface levels, etc. Fence panels...
  • AMV Playground Solutions: Goal units for football
    Goal units for football
    AMV Playground Solutions
    AMV offer a range of steel football goal units to match your individual requirement, there are over 200 variations available, such as the addition of a basketball or netball hoop. Units are available for all key stages:...
  • Zaun: Hockey pitch rigid mesh fencing system
    Hockey pitch rigid mesh fencing system
    Hockey fencing has been developed in response to criticisms of the wooden boards that are traditionally used to protect the fencing that surrounds hockey pitches. Wooden boards are expensive, need replacing and create a lot...
  • Barkers Fencing: SPORTS Bronze mesh fencing
    SPORTS Bronze mesh fencing
    Barkers Fencing
    SPORTS Bronze is a mesh security fence for general sporting applications. It is suitable for schools, urban sports grounds, health clubs and ball containment areas. Made using 6mm vertical and two 8mm horizontal wires welded...
  • Caloo Ltd: Multi use games areas (MUGAs)
    Multi use games areas (MUGAs)
    Caloo Ltd
    Multi-use games areas provide an enclosed area for ball sports in municipal parks, playgrounds and open spaces. Caloo's MUGAs are compliant with BS EN 15312 (the safety requirements and test methods for free-access...
  • Safe & Sound Playgrounds: Multi-sport goal ends
    Multi-sport goal ends
    Safe & Sound Playgrounds
    Safe & Sound Playgrounds offers goal ends for multi-use sports areas (MUGAs) that can be installed where space is limited, such as in schools, colleges and municipal spaces. The structures incorporate combined goal ends for...
  • AMV Playground Solutions: Basketball posts for playgrounds
    Basketball posts for playgrounds
    AMV Playground Solutions
    A full range of weather-proof and vandal proof basketball post are available. Options: basketball posts; triple Basketball posts; basketball on goal unit; wall mounted basketball; funball catcher; ball challenge zone. Single...
  • Schoolscapes: 3G Sports Surface
    3G Sports Surface
    3G Sports Surface or Third Generation Artificial Turf. The pile height selected for a 3G surface depends on the sport(s) to be played on the pitch. Generally, 3G rugby pitches will be played on a surface with a greater pile...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Multi sport goal ends
    Multi sport goal ends
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers multi sport courts and furniture providing a smooth court finish with a variety of architectural options. A design service is offered so that individual panels can be made, all of which are vandal...
  • Zaun: Sportif mesh sports fencing
    Sportif mesh sports fencing
    Sportif fencing features a unique mesh configuration that is commonly found in sports MUGA and outdoor sport applications in France. Sportif is designed with 100x200mm mesh pattern at the top and a 50x200mm open mesh...
  • ACO Water Management: ACO Sport slot channels
    ACO Sport slot channels
    ACO Water Management
    HIGH QUALITY TRACK AREA SLOT DRAINAGE SYSTEM. Sport slot channels are manufactured from high strength polymer concrete. Removable Curbing can be fitted for athletics use, and removed for other events. The system is available...