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  • Top tips for laying turf in hot weather
    Harrowden Turf
    A beautifully manicured and verdant lawn is quintessentially British and should feature in every garden from a country Manor house to an urban abode. The environmental benefits and the sense of wellbeing generated by a...
  • Planning a summer wildflower display
    Harrowden Turf
    There are a huge number of wildflower species native to the UK. Wildflowers can be used anywhere, in parks, on road verges, living roofs, back gardens, front gardens and golf courses. The only requirements for planting...
  • Growing wildflowers in Scotland
    Harrowden Turf
    Stewarts Turf in Scotland are part of Harrowden Turf and have recently added Meadowmat wildflower turf to their product portfolio. In this article we look at the pros and cons of including wildflowers in garden design, green...
  • The benefits of tree protection
    Furnitubes International
    There are many ways that trees have a positive impact on our lives - from improvements in air quality, increased security, to health benefits and protection from rain and sun: Tree grilles traditionally constructed of cast...
  • Planting solutions that can save you money
    Harrowden Turf
    The key to a successful, low-maintenance outdoor space is to use the right plants in the right places. It’s an old adage and the reason it’s still in frequent use is that it’s incredibly accurate. In today’s climate of...
  • Wildflowers for specifiers and developers
    Harrowden Turf
    Easy BREEAM compliant environmental enhancement for building projects Feedback from property rentals and sales shows that BREEAM rated buildings deliver a better return on investment for developers and owners. The market...
  • Tree anchors: contractor guidelines and considerations
    Platipus Anchors Ltd
    Platipus Anchors suggests that, for contractors, the following considerations are the most important things to remember when it comes to tree anchors. How long does it take to install a rootball fixing system? Once the hole...
  • Tree anchors: design guidelines and considerations
    Platipus Anchors Ltd
    The following guidelines take you through the most important considerations you need to make when designing a scheme involving tree anchoring. Tree sizes Is there accurate information regarding the overall height and...
  • Low maintenance landscaping that supports biodiversity
    Harrowden Turf
    Landscape designers are under a lot of pressure to delivery biodiversity, beauty, sustainability and easy maintenance all at once. It’s a challenge. Probably the easiest approach, should a client demand low maintenance, is...
  • Forests v cities
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd
    Trees are woodland forestry plants. As soon as we forget this simple fact, we neglect the necessities that trees need and are likely to make mistakes when planting trees in urban locations. A tree in a woodland forest has...
  • Five benefits of using trees in urban design
    Furnitubes International
    Find out the main benefits of including trees in urban design.
  • It’s time we went wild
    Harrowden Turf
    The UK population is rising fast, and with a finite amount of land to be used for housing, infrastructure and food production, the pressure is on for native flora and fauna. Landscape architects, parks and gardens managers,...
  • Red thread disease in lawns - how to treat it
    Harrowden Turf
    What does red thread disease look like? The first clue that your lawn may be suffering from red thread disease is the appearance of small straw-coloured patches in the sward. These patches usually have an irregular shape and...
  • How to Grow Wild Flowers
    Harrowden Turf
    You’d think, wouldn’t you, that wildflowers would be easy to grow. After all, they’ve been enhancing our green and pleasant land for centuries with very little human intervention. In fact, they can be devilishly difficult to...
  • Caring for new turf
    Harrowden Turf
    Turf can be laid anytime of the year - when it’s cold, when it’s wet and when it’s dry. If you lay the turf as soon as it is delivered on your doorstep, you will rarely have a problem. But the longer you leave it rolled up,...