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  • ARM Ltd: ARM goes for green at Utility Week Achievement Awards
    ARM goes for green at Utility Week Achievement Awards
    17 March 2014 - ARM Ltd
    ARM technology won a prestigious environmental award at the Utility Week Achievement Awards 2013. The award commended its pioneering work for the world’s first natural reedbed system to treat sludges generated during the...
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  • Join us in celebrating grass at BTME 2014
    09 December 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    We know everyone loves a good story, and we're no different. Join us at BTME to see our story of grass and delve deeper into our extensive research and development at first-hand. It will make for fascinating reading. Our stand,...
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  • Tree Planting Season has arrived! ...
    17 October 2013 - Splice Cast Ltd
    Can you afford the cost of disfigured trees? The Super Soft Tree Tie nurtures and trains the sapling from early days until the tree is mature and well established. why use the Super Soft? - Clever Figure of 8 design: this...
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  • BAR Extreme is the performing perennial ryegrass mixture
    09 September 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    BAR Extreme's formulation has now been improved for the autumn with the addition of Sirtaky in place of Fandango to the mixture (45% Bargold, 40% Sirtaky, 15% Barsignum). As their respective Turfgrass Seed 2013 (Table L1) scores...
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  • ARM Ltd: Weeding and planting at Heathrow Airport's reedbeds
    Weeding and planting at Heathrow Airport's reedbeds
    09 September 2013 - ARM Ltd
    Under the guidance of ARM, volunteers from Heathrow Airport, BAA Water Services, some apprentice engineers, and volunteers from Green Corridor turned up to help weed 2.1ha of reedbeds at the water treatment works at Mayfield...
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  • Green Velvet® grass seed now available
    06 September 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    The Green Velvet range has a mixture perfect for your needs. Green with pride. Not envy. The premium lawn seed from Barenbrug is now available. Green Velvet® lawn seed is produced by Barenbrug UK who has been breeding grass seed...
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  • Recent Research into Super Soft Tree Ties - results in..
    29 July 2013 - Splice Cast Ltd
    Why Super-Soft tree-ties are better! Research has recently been carried out into the pro’s and con’s of the different methods of tree-tying. An informative data-sheet has been produced with the findings, confirming that in the...
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  • Calling all cricket groundstaff
    18 July 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    Find out more about Barenbrug's innovative range of grass seed mixtures dedicated for your industry. Bring on the Aussies... As Durham County Cricket Club prepares for an Ashes match this August, find out how groundsman David...
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  • Overseeding programme helps Hayston Golf Club turn green
    08 July 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    Slow greens that tended to turn yellow in the winter are now a thing of the past at Hayston Golf Club thanks to the efforts of head greenkeeper Tam Currie! Situated close to the town of Kirkintilloch in Scotland, the club has...
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  • Cropvale 2013 projects
    03 June 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    Spring 2013 represents a huge step forward for amenity grass research and development in the UK with around 600 turf plots being sown at Barenbrug UK's trial site at Cropvale Farm in Worcestershire. The new sowings showcase the...
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  • Wildflowers launched for greenkeepers
    14 May 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    Barenbrug has launched a new range of wildflower mixes designed specifically to meet the demands of greenkeepers as they look to become more environmentally friendly. There are three dedicated perennial mixtures available with...
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  • Download our 2013 Football News
    30 April 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    Download the news today and discover why everyone's talking about BAR 7 RPR. With the football season rapidly drawing to a close, now's an ideal time to start planning your end of season renovations - make sure you consider BAR 7...
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  • Download our 2013 Golf News
    10 April 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    In terms of Turfgrass Seed scores, our BAR FESCUE has a MEAN score of 7.955 - higher than any other individual red fescue cultivar (let alone mixture!) from another breeder or supplier. A revolution indeed! It's no wonder that a...
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  • RPR impresses growing fans at Livingston FC
    20 March 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    A new pitch at a Scottish First Division football club has been attracting a growing army of fans over the past few months due to the quality of the playing surface. Management and playing staff at Livingston FC have been...
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  • New grass seed thrives in extreme conditions
    07 February 2013 - Barenbrug UK
    The head groundsman of an educational establishment with sports fields on the exposed coastline of the Isle of Man has praised a new Barenbrug grass product for creating top class playing surfaces that stand up to extreme...
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