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  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF square cast iron tree grilles
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF square stainless steel tree grilles
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF MaxPave stainless steel square tree grille
    Architectural Street Furnishings: Bespoke decorative bronze tree grilles, NOMA development
    Architectural Street Furnishings: Railings and street furniture for public area renovation
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF feature bronze border for tree surround

    Architectural Street Furnishings

    ASF are unique in the street furniture industry in that they are part of WB White Foundry, a UK based, working engineering foundry that has a long history of producing not only great street furniture, but also cutting edge engineering components, sculptures and bespoke pieces of art, design and decor. ASF therefore have the capability to not only...
    Priory Road, off Armytage Road, Brighouse, HD6 1PY
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  • DLF Seeds: Hydroseeding grass seed products
    DLF Seeds: PM 5 Grass seed mixture for golf and bowling greens
    DLF Seeds: PM 10 Traditional Green grass seed mixture
    DLF Seeds: PM 13 Fescue Green grass seed mixture
    DLF Seeds: PM 15 Green Allbent greens renovation mixture
    DLF Seeds: PM 20 Fineturf high-quality lawn mixture

    DLF Seeds

    In 2001, DLF Perryfields, now known as DLF Trifolium, was formed by the merger of DLF Trifolium (UK) and Perryfields Holdings Limited. DLF employs over 120 staff at three sites; the head office and amenity seed production site at Inkberrow, Worcestershire and agricultural sites at Lincoln and Leith. DLF Trifolium is the largest grass seed...
    Thorn Farm, Inkberrow, Worcester, WR7 4LJ
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  • Germinal Amenity: WFG21 Everyday Meadow wildflower seed mix
    Germinal Amenity: RE4 Lowland Limestone (CG2 Grassland) seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE9 Farmland Mixture (MG6 Grassland) wildflower seed
    Germinal Amenity: WF1 Flowering Meadow seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE8 Coastal Reclamation (MG12 Grassland) seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE10 Marginal Land (U20 Grassland) seed mixture

    Germinal Amenity

    Germinal provides a range of grass seed products and services designed to meet the specific requirements of the amenity industry. It is the only grass seed company selling British-bred turf grasses direct to the end user. Clients include greenkeepers, groundsmen, landscape contractors, golf constructors, architects and agronomists. Germinal is the...
    Camp Road, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln, LN6 9QJ
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  • Johnsons Sports Seed: J Rye Green grass seed for intense wear golf greens
    Johnsons Sports Seed: J All Bent grass seed for golf greens (overseeding)
    Johnsons Sports Seed: J Green grass seed for golf and bowling greens
    Johnsons Sports Seed: J Premier Green grass seed for golf greens
    Johnsons Sports Seed: J Fescue blend for greens, tees and fairways
    Johnsons Sports Seed: J Fairway for golf fairways, tees & cricket outfields

    Johnsons Sports Seed

    For over 190 years Johnsons Sports Seed mixtures have been helping to produce quality sports turf with an unequalled reputation for technical excellence, reflecting the standards set by the people who use them - men and women who lead the way in sports turf management. Consistently improving and setting new standards is only possible when you care...
    c/ DLF Seeds Ltd, Thorn Farm, Inkberrow, Worcester, WR7 4LJ
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  • Harrowden Turf: MeadowMat wildflower matting
    Harrowden Turf: Rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF™) grass seed
    Harrowden Turf: Grade lawn seed
    Harrowden Turf: Enviromat installed around garden model railway
    Harrowden Turf: Harrowden Turf used in novel garden solution
    Harrowden Turf: Wildflowers brighten one of London's Royal Parks

    Harrowden Turf

    Harrowden Turf brought together four long standing and well known brands to create Harrowden Turf which now grows over 4,000 acres of lawn turf, wildflower turf and sedum across the UK. In addition, the company grows EnviroMat sedum blankets for green roofing and MeadowMat Wildflower Turf produced on a mature ready-to-roll out mat. Topsoil, feeds...
    Colpmans Farm, Islip, Kettering, NN14 3LT
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  • Lorenz von Ehren: Rhododendrons
    Lorenz von Ehren: Perennial plants
    Lorenz von Ehren: Topiary trees
    Lorenz von Ehren: Conifers
    Lorenz von Ehren: Deciduous trees and shrubs
    Lorenz von Ehren: Fruit trees

    Lorenz von Ehren

    Established in 1865, Lorenz von Ehrens is founded on tradition and five generations of experience. The company is committed to the aim of fulfiling all customers requirements and needs through continuous innovation and development. Nurseries in Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn have over 600 hectares devoted to technologically advanced production of...
    Maldfeldstrasse 4, D-21077 Hamburg, Germany
    Phone: 00 49 40 761 08 391  Fax: 00 49 40 761 08 100  Visit website
  • GreenBlue Urban Ltd: ArborGuy - tree guying system
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd: Castle heavy duty mild steel recessed tree grille
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd: RootRain Metro tree pit irrigation systems
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd: RootRain Urban irrigation and aeration system
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd: Tree planting products enhance new social housing
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd: Sustainable tree planting in innovative SuDS scheme

    GreenBlue Urban Ltd

    Founded in 1992, GreenBlue Urban (formally Greenleaf) was set up to research and provide solutions for assisting trees in their battle to establish in urban spaces. With the goal of drastically improving urban planting success and increasing leaf canopy in urban areas, GreenBlue Urban tirelessly analysed the challenges, the causes of failure, and...
    Northpoint, Compass Park, Junction Road, Bodiam, Robertsbridge, TN32 5BS
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  • Platipus Anchors Ltd: Rootball Fixing System - Plati-Mat
    Platipus Anchors Ltd: Piddler® tree irrigation and aeration system
    Platipus Anchors Ltd: D-MAN® tree fixing system
    Platipus Anchors Ltd: D-MAN® structural systems
    Platipus Anchors Ltd: Deadman System - Plati-Mat
    Platipus Anchors Ltd: Deadman System - Strap

    Platipus Anchors Ltd

    Platipus Anchors provides tree anchoring and irrigation systems for all challenging planting situations. The company invented the first tree anchoring system with no unsightly stakes or guy wires over 30 years ago. Due to continuous innovation, Platipus has developed a range of high quality solutions for trees up to 20m high. Platipus tree...
    Kingsfield Business Centre, Philanthropic Road, Redhill, RH1 4DP
    Phone: 01737 762300  Fax: 01737 773395  Visit website
  • Lindum Turf: Grassfelt™ soil-less landscaping turf
    Lindum Turf: LT2 low-maintenance fine turf
    Lindum Turf: LT6  Turf for sports applications
    Lindum Turf: LT7 Festival landscape turf
    Lindum Turf: Bowling greens for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
    Lindum Turf: Grassfelt™ supply, Wonderwood, Leeds

    Lindum Turf

    Lindum has been growing turf for more than 25 years on stone-free sandy loam soils. The company produces several grades of turf to suit a wide range of uses including: landscaping; sports; architecture and design; erosion control. All turf grades can be supplied in standard or large rolls, as washed or thick rootzone turf. Lindum has also...
    West Grange Farm, Thorganby, York, YO19 6DJ
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  • All Urban: Piet Mondrian tree grille by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban: Alcorque 1 Tree Guard By LAB23
    All Urban: Alcorque Circular Tree Guard By LAB23
    All Urban: Alcorque rectangular tree guard by LAB23
    All Urban: Alcorque Round Tree Guard By LAB23
    All Urban: Bolle Tree Grille By LAB23

    All Urban

    All Urban is the exclusive UK supplier for Santa & Cole, award-winning suppliers of street furniture and outdoor lighting. Situated near Barcelona, world-renowned Santa & Cole represent the highest standards of urban street design and have worked on many significant developments across Europe. Working with lighting designers, landscape architects...
    Aizlewood's Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, S3 8GG
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  • Artform Urban Furniture: Obra Tree Grille
    Artform Urban Furniture: Twister Tree Grille
    Artform Urban Furniture: Sunny Tree Grille
    Artform Urban Furniture: Stelo Tree Grille
    Artform Urban Furniture: Land Tree Grille
    Artform Urban Furniture: Flora Tree Grille

    Artform Urban Furniture

    Artform Urban Furniture, part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, is at the cutting edge of integrated landscape design and our mission is to supply the world’s most aspirational and design-led street furniture products, to assist landscape architects, designers and specifiers bring their visions to life. Using our exclusive UK partnerships with...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
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  • Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Aquatic plants range
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Ornamental water lilies
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Marginal aquatic plants
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Water and marginal plant establishment at Langley Lakes
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Contract-grown aquatic plants
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Deep water aquatic plants

    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes

    Aqualife is an aquatic nursery based in Cheshire specialising in the production of high-quality water plants and aquatic landscaping. Plants are delivered nationwide to a variety of customers, including garden designers, local authorities, landscape contractors, architects, developers, water plant retailers and private customers, for the creation...
    Lostock Nursery, Lostock Hall Road, Poynton, SK12 1DP
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  • Dingle Nurseries: Field-grown trees
    Dingle Nurseries: Container-grown shrubs
    Dingle Nurseries: Trees / shrubs, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol
    Dingle Nurseries: Trees / shrubs, Breme Park housing development

    Dingle Nurseries

    Established in 1968, Dingle Nurseries now extends to around 160 acres, growing a full range of high quality plants for the amenity and wholesale nursery market. Located just outside Welshpool, 130 acres are dedicated to open-ground production. An additional 30 acres are used for container-grown stock, of which 18 acres are used for shrubs and 12...
    Frochas, Welshpool, SY21 9JD
    Phone: 01938 552587  Visit website
  • AUTOPA: open spaces square polyurethane tree grilles
    AUTOPA: open spaces Sunburst - round polyurethane tree grille


    AUTOPA Limited is a leading UK based manufacturer of car and cycle parking solutions. Since patenting the original Parking Post in 1959 we have worked to continually improve the street scene in the UK. Our extensive product range is separated into three brands: AUTOPA, VELOPA and AUTOPA open spaces. The AUTOPA brand specialises in products that...
    Cottage Leap, Rugby, CV21 3XP
    Phone: 01788 550556  Fax: 01788 550265  Visit website
  • Bailey Streetscene: Economy Steel Tree Guard
    Bailey Streetscene: Orion Tree Grille

    Bailey Streetscene

    Bailey Streetscene, part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, designs, manufactures and installs high quality external furniture. We service a broad cross section of markets, including: education, commercial and retail, new build and regeneration projects, local authorities and the Ministry of Defence. Our strength lies with our ability to work...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
    Phone: 01625 855900  Visit website