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  • Jupiter Play: Stepping Stilts 906110400R
    Stepping Stilts 906110400R
    Jupiter Play
    The Stepping Stilts from FHS Holtztechnik are popular with specifiers and can be added to any play space or landscape. They can be used as part of a balance trail, or can offer an alternative route up a hill. They are made...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Modular Adventure Play Units
    Modular Adventure Play Units
    Bailey Streetscene
    At Bailey Streetscene, we have a broad knowledge and experience of installing Play Units in school playgrounds and public spaces all over the UK. It’s not just about providing and installing products. We feel that it’s about...
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Skyrail compact cableway (J515)
    Skyrail compact cableway (J515)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    The Skyrail J515 contemporary zip wire is similar to the Aerospeed Launch. It has a more streamlined design that encourages users to force their way down the rail and then glide back to the starting platform. The curved rail...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique Seesaw, Non-Bump
    Unique Seesaw, Non-Bump
    eibe Play Ltd
    The seesaw mechanism of the this seesaw is in a self-contained unit which protects fingers from being trapped. Scope of Delivery: 1 seesaw beam: SW 2 holding grips: powder-coated steel 1 seesaw base: hot-dip galvanised...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Unique brown bear spring rocker
    Unique brown bear spring rocker
    eibe Play Ltd
    Spring rockers are playground classics. Children will love this piece of play equipment. Scope of delivery: 1 spring rocker body: PE 1 spring: spring steel 4 handles and foot rests: plastic Item Code: 5672380
  • Acoustic Arts: Steel framed pipe drums
    Steel framed pipe drums
    Acoustic Arts
    A set of four tuned drums built from heavy-duty PE pipe available in blue or black. These drums are very resonant, provide all-round access and sound best when played by hand making them suitable for any location. A...
  • AMV Playground Solutions: Thermoplastic playground markings
    Thermoplastic playground markings
    AMV Playground Solutions
    All-weather thermoplastic school playground markings add vibrant colour to playgrounds and last ten times longer than paint. Used alongside the AMV playground equipment in the form of pitch and court markings, they allow...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Fit Active Station leg trainer
    Fit Active Station leg trainer
    eibe Play Ltd
    The Fit Active Station leg trainer is designed for children from age 6, to adults and OAPs. It has two stations and encourages fitness and strength. Item code: 5540240
  • Setter Play: Traditional baby and toddler park swings
    Traditional baby and toddler park swings
    Setter Play
    Traditional baby and toddler park swings are supplied with two cradle seats as standard. They are available in a choice of leg lengths depending on the safety surfacing that is used. Custom size swingsets and combinations...
  • AHS Ltd: Shock Pad Underlay safer surfacing CFH of up to 3m
    Shock Pad Underlay safer surfacing CFH of up to 3m
    AHS Ltd
    Shock Pad safety underlay for use beneath artificial grass enables surfaces to absorb impact and minimises the risk of injury in playgrounds, sportsfields and any other areas where there is a risk of falling from height.
  • AMV Playground Solutions: Fitness trail
    Fitness trail
    AMV Playground Solutions
    Fitness trail equipment helps to aid co-ordination and balance whilst improving general fitness, upper and lower body strength and cardiovascular fitness. It is ideal for use during PE / games lessons and also during the...
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe rampart Bank 0.4 / 0.6
    eibe rampart Bank 0.4 / 0.6
    eibe Play Ltd
    Our skate equipment is made using hot-dip galvanised steel metal parts with a non-corrosive coating, stainless steel and GFRP. Skating unit 860x1200x400 mm Item code: 5300300
  • Jupiter Play: Butterfly Seesaw IP16
    Butterfly Seesaw IP16
    Jupiter Play
    The Butterfly is an inclusive alternative to the traditional seesaw. It is possible to stand, sit or lie down on the Butterfly creating more accessible play opportunities than a standard seesaw. This truly showcases what...
  • Percussion Play: Outdoor Baby Floor Piano
    Outdoor Baby Floor Piano
    Percussion Play
    Baby Floor Piano C5 – C6 (Chromatic) The interactive and engaging Baby Outdoor Floor Piano still allows ‘big’ fun to be had in the park or playground. Friends and family will create some great energetic music together! Our...
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe minimondo Bear Tunnel
    eibe minimondo Bear Tunnel
    eibe Play Ltd
    Minimondo's toddler Bear Tunnel is made from polypropylene and high-pressure laminate with a metal anchor. There are also two play tables on both sides of the bear tunnel for the toddlers to use. Item code: 5598185