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  • Jacksons Fencing: Fencing and gates provide secure perimeter for school
    Jacksons Fencing: Steel estate railings
    Jacksons Fencing: Sentry® residential railings
    Jacksons Fencing: Barbican Imperial® residential railings
    Jacksons Fencing: Playtime® metal railings for playgrounds
    Jacksons Fencing: EuroGuard® Flatform welded mesh fencing

    Jacksons Fencing

    Jacksons Fencing is a family owned business established in 1947. Jacksons Fencing initially manufactured timber fencing to serve the farming community and the public. Timber products are Jakcure® pressure-treated, conforming to BS 8417, and also come with a 25-year guarantee. From the mid 1980s Jacksons Fencing began production of steel fencing...
    Stowting Common, Ashford, TN25 6BN
    Phone: 0800 096 6360  Fax: 01233 750403  Visit website
  • Zaun: Bow Top Play - anti-trap bow top playground railings
    Zaun: Axiom - profile rigid mesh perimeter fencing
    Zaun: RDS PAS 68 rapid deploy temporary fencing system
    Zaun: ArmaWeave® - CPNI woven mesh high-security fencing
    Zaun: Vertical solid bar steel railings
    Zaun: Duo6 - double wire rigid mesh perimeter fencing system


    Founded in 1996 by Alastair Henman and Paul Painter, Zaun Ltd is a privately owned company manufacturing perimeter fencing systems in the UK on a 5-acre site in the West Midlands. Zaun is a key player in the UK fencing market due to continued investment in personnel, modern machinery and production software. Zaun offers a complete service from...
    Steel Drive, Wolverhampton, WV10 9ED
    Phone: 01902 796699  Visit website
  • CLD Fencing Systems: Temporary fencing for HS2 enabling works, Old Oak Common
    CLD Fencing Systems: Securus™ flat panel high-security fencing system
    CLD Fencing Systems: Securus Profiled™ high security panel fencing system
    CLD Fencing Systems: Exempla™ profiled welded mesh panel fencing system
    CLD Fencing Systems: High security perimeter fencing for Niftylift HQ
    CLD Fencing Systems: Securus S1™ high-security fencing system to LPS 1175

    CLD Fencing Systems

    CLD Fencing Systems has been serving the fencing industry and local authorities since the 1960s and our proven products are renowned in the market place for consistency and reliability. Today, we’re a manufacturer for global markets providing the most comprehensive range of mesh fencing. We have clear ethics and we’ve built our business on...
    Modsec House, Moston Road, Sandbach, CW11 3HL
    Phone: 01270 764751  Fax: 01270 757503  Visit website
  • Barkers Fencing: StyleGuard VB - vertical bar steel railings
    Barkers Fencing: SecureGuard SL2 X mesh security fencing to LPS 1175 B3
    Barkers Fencing: SecureGuard SL2 high-security mesh fencing - SR2-rated
    Barkers Fencing: StyleGuard R - round tubular steel railings
    Barkers Fencing: StronGuard™ SR2 high-security steel palisade fencing
    Barkers Fencing: StyleGuard BT - single-lace bow-top railings, 1.2-3.0m

    Barkers Fencing

    Barkers Fencing has been designing and manufacturing perimeter fencing solutions for more than 40 years. High-performance fencing is produced for boundary demarcation, sports pitches and high-security applications: steel railings; steel palisade fencing; rigid wire mesh fencing; expanded metal fencing; ball stop fencing; spectator railings...
    Etna Works, Duke Street, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 3NS
    Phone: 01782 319264  Visit website
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF protective post and rail systems
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 211 Quayside post and rail system
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 107 post and rail
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF Q rail glass and stainless steel balustrade
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF Buckingham cast iron post
    Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF Sandringham recycled cast iron post

    Architectural Street Furnishings

    ASF is unique in the street furniture industry in that it is part of WB White Foundry, a UK based, working engineering foundry with a long history of producing not only great street furniture, but also cutting edge engineering components, sculptures and bespoke pieces of art, design and decor. As a result, ASF h the as capability to not only make...
    Priory Road, off Armytage Road, Brighouse, HD6 1PY
    Phone: 01484 401414  Fax: 01484 721398  Visit website
  • Lang+Fulton: Italia-80 louvred fencing
    Lang+Fulton: Modena railing fence
    Lang+Fulton: Roma-4HS high security fencing
    Lang+Fulton: Italia-100 mild steel louvred grille fencing
    Lang+Fulton: Palermo-HS high security fencing
    Lang+Fulton: Torino pressure-locked steel grating fence


    The company's history and involvement with steel dates back to 1781. For the last forty years, Lang+Fulton has been concerned with architectural gratings and fencing. The Technical Department is able to recommend the most appropriate product for a particular project, before preparing a panel layout that will make the most economical use of the...
    Unit 2b, Newbridge Industrial Estate, Newbridge, Edinburgh, EH28 8PJ
    Phone: 0131 441 1255  Visit website
  • Gramm Barrier Systems: NATURALSoundBlok sound-reflective timber barriers
    Gramm Barrier Systems: METASoundBlok steel absorptive acoustic noise barriers
    Gramm Barrier Systems: ALUSoundBlok aluminium acoustic barriers
    Gramm Barrier Systems: CLEARSoundBlok transparent acoustic noise barrier panels
    Gramm Barrier Systems: CONCRETESoundBlok acoustic tiles
    Gramm Barrier Systems: Green noise barrier - highways

    Gramm Barrier Systems

    Gramm Barrier Systems has been a leading supplier and installer of acoustic barriers for over 25 years. Gramm offers a full design service for a range of reflective and absorptive barriers. All barriers have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and offer excellent noise abatement properties and maintenance-free durability. We offer fully CE...
    18 Clinton Place, Seaford, BN25 1NP
    Phone: 01323 872243  Fax: 01323 872244  Visit website
  • Tendercare Nurseries: Vertiss outdoor and indoor green walls for hotel resort
    Tendercare Nurseries: Noise-Reducer® acoustic barrier
    Tendercare Nurseries: KokoHusk® Rail noise barrier
    Tendercare Nurseries: Transparent noise barrier
    Tendercare Nurseries: Kokowall® privacy screen
    Tendercare Nurseries: Kokowall® wall covering screens for green walls

    Tendercare Nurseries

    Tendercare is an award-winning specialist plant nursery with an unrivalled range of mature and specimen trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to create immediate impact at planting. With an unrivalled range of over 100,000 plants to choose from, and over 30 highly trained consultants to advise customers, Tendercare is a leading UK horticultural...
    Southlands Road, Denham, Uxbridge, UB9 4HD
    Phone: 01895 835544  Fax: 01895 835036  Visit website
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Urban Screen Barrier
    Artform Urban Furniture: Dividit Barrier
    Artform Urban Furniture: Verso Barrier
    Artform Urban Furniture: V-Form Barrier
    Artform Urban Furniture: Maschera Panelling
    Artform Urban Furniture: Gitter Barrier

    Artform Urban Furniture

    Artform Urban Furniture, part of the Bailey Street Furniture Group, is at the cutting edge of integrated landscape design and our mission is to supply the world’s most aspirational and design-led street furniture products, to assist landscape architects, designers and specifiers bring their visions to life. Using our exclusive UK partnerships with...
    Adlington Business Park, London Road, Adlington, SK10 4NL
    Phone: 01625 877554  Visit website
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen Industrial Noise Barrier
    Livingreen Design: Greenscreen LITE noise barrier
    Livingreen Design: Greenscreen acoustic barrier
    Livingreen Design: Greenscreen acoustic barriers
    Livingreen Design: Planted acoustic barriers for relief road
    Livingreen Design: Greenscreen Garden Privacy Screen

    Livingreen Design

    Livingreen Design Limited, has over 30 years' experience of creating planters for architects, landscape architects and contractors, for projects ranging from town planning schemes to corporate headquarters. The company's lightweight GRP composite planters are ideal for green roofs and roof gardens as well as street furniture and interior design...
    24/6 Dryden Road, Bilston Glen Industrial Estate, Loanhead, Edinburgh, EH20 9HX
    Phone: 0131 440 9804  Visit website
  • Paddock Fencing: Deer fencing and tree guards for historic country estate
    Paddock Fencing: Bespoke 5-bar estate fencing for historic bridge
    Paddock Fencing: Woven steel fencing
    Paddock Fencing: Woven steel decorative garden screens
    Paddock Fencing: Traditional-style 5-bar estate and parkland fencing
    Paddock Fencing: Traditional-style 4-bar estate and parkland fencing

    Paddock Fencing

    French Farm, French Drove, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0PQ
    Phone: 01733 270724  Visit website
  • ColourFence: ColourFence - metal panel fencing with plain top
    ColourFence: ColourFence - metal panel fencing with lattice top
    ColourFence: ColourRail - Flat top railing
    ColourFence: ColourRail - Spear top railings
    ColourFence: ColourRail - Ball top garden railings
    ColourFence: ColourRail - Bow top railings


    Colourfence was established in the UK in 2003 since that time they have established a modern office and manufacturing facility from which they service the whole of the UK and Ireland. Colourfence is made of high tensile steel making it extremely strong but lightweight. It is an extremely practical alternative to traditional wooden fencing as it...
    Units 7 & 8, Queensway Meadows Industrial Estate, Estuary Road, Newport, NP19 4SP
    Phone: 01633 965005  Visit website
  • Duralock Performance Fencing: Duralock plastic fencing
    Duralock Performance Fencing: Duralock post and rail fencing
    Duralock Performance Fencing: Duralock horse race fencing – sports fencing
    Duralock Performance Fencing: Duralock equestrian fencing – Sports fencing
    Duralock Performance Fencing: Duralock perimeter fencing
    Duralock Performance Fencing: Duralock home and garden fencing

    Duralock Performance Fencing

    Duralock is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance, maintenance-free PVCu fencing for a range of applications. Best known for their work in the horse racing world, Duralock supplies many of the planet's leading courses with their fencing needs. However Duralock is not solely an equestrian fencing specialist, and their products are very...
    6a Enstone Business Park, Enstone, Chipping Norton, OX7 4NP
    Phone: 01608 678238  Visit website
  • M&M Timber: Prestige™ scalloped post and rail fencing
    M&M Timber: Machine-rounded timber for Goodwood viewing platforms
    M&M Timber: RailGuard - railside fencing approved by Network Rail
    M&M Timber: SolarGuard timber fencing for solar farms
    M&M Timber: Agricised® timber fencing posts
    M&M Timber: AgriPost™ pressure-treated timber fencing posts

    M&M Timber

    M&M has over over 30 years' experience in producing a wide range of micronised timber garden products, agricultural fencing, landscaping timbers, play area timbers and amenity products. M&M is a member of the following: Wood Protection Association (WPA); British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI); Forest Stewardship Council®...
    Hunt House Sawmills, Clows Top, Kidderminster, DY14 9HY
    Phone: 0333 003 5133  Visit website
  • Elefant Gratings: Louvre steel fencing
    Elefant Gratings: Type N steel fencing
    Elefant Gratings: Type NP steel rigid mesh fencing
    Elefant Gratings: Type SP steel fencing

    Elefant Gratings

    Elefant Gratings Ltd has been successfully trading since 1998 and specialise in the supply of bespoke metal gratings and planks. Since the company was established requirement for aesthetic gratings has increased dramatically, making it one of the most versatile products specified. The company utilises its experience and product knowledge, together...
    Enterprise Drive, Four Ashes, Wolverhampton, WV10 7DF
    Phone: 01902 797110  Visit website