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  • All Urban: Rodes wall lamp by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Rodes wall lamp by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    Elegant, robust and timeless, this recessed wall light projects oblique light downwards. The luminous element is protected by a metallic grille: made of sandblasted bronze or cast aluminium with a sandblasted finish and...
  • Candela Light: Holyrood carpark, street and amenity luminaire
    Holyrood carpark, street and amenity luminaire
    Candela Light
    Holyrood luminaires have an attractive modern design, and will complement contemporary architecture. They are available with a choice of optic options for reducing light pollution and sky-glow, while providing a various...
  • Candela Light: Centurion flat-top illuminated steel bollard
    Centurion flat-top illuminated steel bollard
    Candela Light
    The Centurion flat-top bollard has a simple contemporary design. It can be constructed in either mild or stainless steel, with both illuminated and non-illuminated versions available. A domed version is also available.
  • Candela Light: Devon Lantern
    Devon Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Devon Lantern is a stylish, robust luminaire, suitable for bracket or column mounting: modern contemporary style; easy Fit adaptor for ease of installation; minimal upward light, reducing sky glow; IP66 rated.
  • Candela Light: Albury Lantern
    Albury Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Albury Lantern is a modern take on a traditional railway station lantern: suitable for roadside and area applications; compatible with a range of optics to help minimise upward light whilst providing a range of...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Stop Illuminated Bollard
    Stop Illuminated Bollard
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Part of the Metro 40 range, Stop is a handsome bollard designed to provide traffic control. The beveled-edge cast aluminium tapered sleeve provides crisp cover for an internal structural steel post. Optional wired LED...
  • Candela Light: Bi Top indirect lantern
    Bi Top indirect lantern
    Candela Light
    Bi Top is an indirect lighting system that provides glare free light for contemporary street lighting schemes. IP66 rated. Cast aluminium body and a spun aluminium reflector. Symmetrical or asymmetrical distribution patterns.
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Sentinel Illuminated Bollard
    Sentinel Illuminated Bollard
    Artform Urban Furniture
    It is a totally twenty-first century bollard designed to complement contemporary landscapes and architecture. Two variations on sculptural form offer versatility in function. Standard-size mitre and dome designs, mounted on...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Sunstone external ground LED lighting
    Sunstone external ground LED lighting
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Sunstone is a completely Solar-powered LED lighting system housed in a circular or square stone shape, to be installed into the ground or walls with no power cables or maintenance needed. The light is refracted through the...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Inter Lighting
    Escofet - Inter Lighting
    Public Spaces
    Inter is a street lamp that is presented as an application of the classic, traditional design of a domestic lamp, but extending its scale to convert it into an urban scale element. Striking a balance between functionality...
  • All Urban: Candela LED street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Candela LED street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    Santa & Cole Candela LED street light are available with LED technology, tripling the average working life typical of discharge lamps. Two standard arm sizes – 75 or 150cm – are adjustable, which makes it easy to accommodate...
  • Candela Light: Aeroform street and carpark luminaire
    Aeroform street and carpark luminaire
    Candela Light
    Aeroform products are modern, stylish, low-profile luminaires, available in 500, 600 and 700mm diameter versions. Aeroform luminaires are supplied with optics/reflectors to meet lighting distribution requirements, and...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Leo External Lighting
    Leo External Lighting
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Leo is Landscape Forms newest, most advanced and most versatile LED lighting. This very smart design from industrial designer John Rizzi provides pedestrian and street lighting in contrasting scale and common style with...
  • All Urban: Rama street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Rama street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    Rama 'tree of light' street lights allow adaptation with one or several lights, the intensity of which can be adjusted. They offer better efficiency than conventional lamps. All urban lighting elements are assessed against...
  • Candela Light: Neos LED street lighting
    Neos LED street lighting
    Candela Light
    Neos offers a contemporary solution to street and amenity lighting. Fully die-cast aluminium construction. Universal mount for 76mm post-top or 42mm side entry. Lens options to reduce light pollution and skyglow, while...