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  • All Urban: Santa & Cole Arne Spot Light
    Santa & Cole Arne Spot Light
    All Urban
    With formal simplicity and a compact size, a natural expression of its function, ARNE is a perfect floodlight for any urban or architectural space. The Arne collection comes in a range of colours and supports with differing...
  • Candela Light: Neos LED street lighting
    Neos LED street lighting
    Candela Light
    Neos offers a contemporary solution to street and amenity lighting: fully die-cast aluminium construction; universal mount for 76mm post top or 42mm side entry; lens options to reduce light pollution and skyglow, while...
  • Candela Light: Toorak carpark, amenity and street luminaire
    Toorak carpark, amenity and street luminaire
    Candela Light
    Toorak luminaires are a modern interpretation of a classic design, suitable for amenity and street lighting applications. They are available in a range of sizes to suit most mounting heights, and with a choice of optics for...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: MultipliCITY Path Light
    MultipliCITY Path Light
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The MutipliCITY LED pathlight shares the graceful visual vocabulary of the collection in which robust verticals end in winged forms. Powered lights can be specified with type 4 or type 5 light distributions to provide...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Prisma Lighting
    Escofet - Prisma Lighting
    Public Spaces
    Prisma is a collection formed by two columns and a light beacon for public areas, characterised by its thin prismatic geometry. It easily blends into the landscape, with three optional materials for the column: concrete,...
  • Candela Light: Devon Lantern
    Devon Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Devon Lantern is a stylish, robust luminaire, suitable for bracket or column mounting: modern contemporary style; easy Fit adaptor for ease of installation; minimal upward light, reducing sky glow; IP66 rated.
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Geo Oval LED luminaire
    Geo Oval LED luminaire
    Marshalls - street furniture
    The Geo Oval LED luminaire provides excellent photometric attainment, light distribution and flexibility of application from a striking aesthetic. Featuring an ultra low-profile aluminium body and silver anodised finish the...
  • Candela Light: Campden traditional amenity lantern
    Campden traditional amenity lantern
    Candela Light
    Campden lanterns are traditional, six-sided units with cast aluminium base uprights and a spun aluminium brim. They have a strong, classic design. They are available with a choice of optics to meet lighting distribution...
  • Candela Light: Portsmouth Lantern
    Portsmouth Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Portsmouth Lantern is a modern fitting based around a cast aluminium chassis: stylish design suitable for many modern and contemporary developments; a range of optics to suit a variety of applications whilst minimising...
  • AUTOPA Limited: GFC9000i illuminated bollard
    GFC9000i illuminated bollard
    AUTOPA Limited
    The GFC9000i illuminated bollard is suitable for pedestrian walkways, squares, gardens, marinas, forecourts and all 24-hour public areas from hotels through to supermarkets. The GFC9000i is made from 5mm thick steel tube...
  • Candela Light: Invincible stainless steel illuminated bollard
    Invincible stainless steel illuminated bollard
    Candela Light
    The Invincible bollard has a robust design. It is available in polished or satin stainless steel. It features an access door.
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Wide Lighting Column
    Escofet - Wide Lighting Column
    Public Spaces
    The wide range of heights and configurations, as well as the versatility of its modules and optics, ensure that it is suitable for a wide variety of urban environments, with optimum and precise light distribution at night...
  • All Urban: Santa & Cole Latina street light
    Santa & Cole Latina street light
    All Urban
    A lamp of extraordinary artistic beauty to illuminate large spaces. Designed especially for Rotterdam port, its lateen-sail shape was inspired by the enormous loading cranes used at docks. This 15-metre high street lamp...
  • Candela Light: Tyburn illuminated bollard
    Tyburn illuminated bollard
    Candela Light
    Tyburn is a simple and robust illuminated bollard. The louvre system eliminates glare and produces an even light distribution: clear refractor as louvre alternative; access door.
  • Candela Light: Biggar Lantern
    Biggar Lantern
    Candela Light
    The BIggar Lantern is a traditional light fitting, suitable for heritage applications. Robust and adoptable, this lantern accepts a range of optics for roadside and area applications. Available with a wide range of bracketry...