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Lighting - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Candela Light: Fradley Lantern
    Fradley Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Fradley Lantern is a modern, compact luminaire. The design makes for a very robust fitting, suitable for use in a wide range of applications: easy Fit adaptor for ease of installation; a range of optics help minimise...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Geo Parklight direct luminaire
    Geo Parklight direct luminaire
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The Geo Parklight direct luminaire provides a large illuminated area and a low-glare; comfortable and efficient light distribution from a striking aesthetic. Available as a symmetric version for effective lighting...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Geo Disc 400 luminaire
    Geo Disc 400 luminaire
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The Geo Disc 400 luminaire provides excellent photometric attainment, light distribution and flexibility of application from a striking aesthetic. Featuring an ultra low-profile aluminium body, silver painted finish, with a...
  • Streetlife: CorTen Bright Bollards
    CorTen Bright Bollards
    Robust CorTen Bright Bollards are made of thick-walled CorTen steel with an internal stainless steel sheet to spread the LED light. The bollards are LED-Ready, which means that a standard LED fixture can be mounted at the...
  • Streetlife: Open Pillar corten steel lighting column
    Open Pillar corten steel lighting column
    Open Pillars are triangular LED-ready lighting columns with a lattice-like graphic pattern. At the bottom, there is space for a terminal box with uplighter. It is also possible to mount LED strips along the ribs on the...
  • Candela Light: Trafalgar illuminated bollard
    Trafalgar illuminated bollard
    Candela Light
    The Trafalgar bollard has a slimline design and the louvre system reduces glare. It has integral control gear, and an LED option with Light Film / optic.
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Geo illuminated bollard
    Geo illuminated bollard
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The Geo illuminated bollard illuminates walkways or planted areas whilst providing guidance for pedestrians and motorists. The Geo bollard is perfect for any project requiring high design and exceptional material quality to...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Torres Catenary Light
    Torres Catenary Light
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Torres lights are a beautiful complement to urban landscapes, plus traditional and contemporary architecture, improving, but not altering, the composition. The catenary light's advanced LED array and optic design provides...
  • All Urban: Candela street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Candela street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    Technical information An urban street lamp to light large roads with basic, matching shapes, designed to be seen from the road as a homogeneous and integrated part of the urban landscape. The luminaire neatly contains the...
  • All Urban: Rama street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Rama street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    Rama 'tree of light' street lights allow adaptation with one or several lights, the intensity of which can be adjusted. They offer better efficiency than conventional lamps. All urban lighting elements are assessed against...
  • Candela Light: Blenheim Lantern
    Blenheim Lantern
    Candela Light
    The Blenheim Lantern is a versatile luminaire based around a cast aluminium chassis. Part of the Broadway family of lanterns: sealed optical compartment for ease of maintenance; various optics/reflector options to reduce...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Stratic LED Marker
    Stratic LED Marker
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The Stratic LED Marker is an ideal tool for guidance and demarcation within schemes and adds a contemporary design detail: stainless steel frame; accoya timber finish; single sided; high performance LED unit - protected to...
  • Candela Light: Eclisse modern luminaire
    Eclisse modern luminaire
    Candela Light
    The Eclisse is a modern, stylish low-profile lantern that combines an elegant profiles with a coherent set of brackets. Available in two sizes (Eclisse Major or Eclisse Midi), the Eclisse is supplied with a choice of optics...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet - Vento Illuminating Bollard
    DAE Escofet - Vento Illuminating Bollard
    Public Spaces
    materials: L-2341 cast aluminium body & cover, translucent methacrylate shade, AISI 316 stainless steel electrical cable cover dimensions: Ø220mm x 800mm, additional Ø240mm x 100mm root fixing length additional features:...
  • All Urban: Lampelunas street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    Lampelunas street light by Santa & Cole Urbidermis
    All Urban
    A large-scale light structure designed for unique spaces. It comprises three or six spotlights arranged in an ascending spiral that reflect to create a light pleasantly reminiscent of moonlight. Reflective shades made of...
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