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  • M&M Timber: Unilog Pro™ machine-round timbers for retaining walls
    Unilog Pro™ machine-round timbers for retaining walls
    M&M Timber
    Unilog Pro™ landscaping timbers are used in a diverse range of landscaping applications including earth retaining walls, palisading, raised plant beds, border edging and pathways. Unilog Pro is manufactured from specially...
  • Grass Concrete: Betoconcept® concrete retaining walls
    Betoconcept® concrete retaining walls
    Grass Concrete
    Betoconcept® is a patented concrete walling range. The interlocking dry build systems provide an uncomplicated solution to earth retention: betoflor® planted retaining walls, generally up to 2.5m high; betoatlas® planted...
  • Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control: Envirolok Vegetated Wall System
    Envirolok Vegetated Wall System
    Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control
    Envirolok is a Vegetated Mechanically Stabilised Earth Wall System for retaining walls, slope stabilisation, erosion control and shoreline protection. Envirolok enhances the natural surroundings and turns what was once...
  • Grass Concrete: Betoflor® retaining walls
    Betoflor® retaining walls
    Grass Concrete
    Betoflor® is a patented dry build interlocking system of concrete block walling that is used for low-height plantable earth retaining walls, noise barriers, planters, rockeries and traffic calming. It can be constructed up...
  • Platipus Anchors Ltd: Platipus® Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®)
    Platipus® Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®)
    Platipus Anchors Ltd
    The Percussion Driven Earth Anchor (PDEA®) is a unique, modern and versatile device that can be rapidly deployed in most displaceable ground conditions. It offers a lightweight, corrosion-resistant anchor that can be driven...
  • Hardscape Resourcing Limited: StableGROUND geotextiles
    StableGROUND geotextiles
    Hardscape Resourcing Limited
    StableGROUND is a woven geotextile membrane designed for use as a separation, filtration and stabilisation layer. It is suitable for installation underneath paving, gravel, bark, hardcore sub-bases and drainage, and will...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Armorloc concrete block revetment system
    Armorloc concrete block revetment system
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    Armorloc is a machine-made concrete block revetment system that is used for tough erosion control problems. Its rugged composition means it will withstand weather and remain durable over time. Laid by hand, it is tailor made...
  • Grass Concrete: Binwall bulk storage retaining wall
    Binwall bulk storage retaining wall
    Grass Concrete
    Binwall is a dry laid interlocking concrete walling system for bulk storage applications: can be used for walls up to 4m high; provides clear floor space between walls; cost effective for storage areas for aggregates, scrap...
  • Groundtrax Systems: CellPave® 50 heavy-duty cellular grid system
    CellPave® 50 heavy-duty cellular grid system
    Groundtrax Systems
    CellPave® 50 cellular paving grids are a heavyweight solution for commercial parking areas and access tracks. Fully tested and certified by TUV for vehicles up to 60 tonnes. CellPave® 50 is an interlocking cellular paving...
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete: Ankalok concrete revetments
    Ankalok concrete revetments
    Ruthin Precast Concrete
    A coastal protection system, Ankalok is most suitable for sites where access is problematic and heavy handling equipment cannot be used. Ankalok is a fully interlocking precast concrete revetment, with a unique double-anchor...
  • Tobermore: Secura Grand retaining walls
    Secura Grand retaining walls
    Tobermore’s Secura range of retaining walling products provides architects, engineers, contractors and house builders with a cost-effective solution for all types and sizes of retaining wall projects. Secura Grand is...
  • Elite Precast Concrete: Precast concrete ducts
    Precast concrete ducts
    Elite Precast Concrete
    Precast concrete ducting allows for the accommodation of a number of different services from multiple utility and building providers. The trough and lid system has a number of distinct advantages over direct bury and...
  • Ecochoice: Recycled plastic fenders
    Recycled plastic fenders
    Ecochoice is the EU agent for Bedford Tech - a leader in recycled HDPE plastic for marine works. The company supplies recycled plastic fenders for the protection of assets such as vessels, walls, pipelines, lock gate doors...
  • Phi Group: King Post retaining walls
    King Post retaining walls
    Phi Group
    King Post is suitable for applications where space is at a premium and traditional gravity solutions such as crib walls may take up too much space. If boundary contraints are present that prevent the neccessary excavation...
  • Terram: TERRAM geocells for tree root protection
    TERRAM geocells for tree root protection
    Using TERRAM GEOCELL for tree root protection ensures the roots beneath are protected from vehicle loads by confining the sub-base and stabilising the ground. When the permeable TERRAM GEOCELL is filled with a porous, no...