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  • Public Spaces: Mago - Cub bench
    Mago - Cub bench
    Public Spaces
    Mago - Cub benches are characterised by their pure and basic forms. Their neutrality makes them suitable for several functions apart from seating, such as limiting or arranging the surrounding areas: colours: White, Grey,...
  • Vestre AS: FOLK timber bench with aluminium supports
    FOLK timber bench with aluminium supports
    Vestre AS
    The FOLK bench is simply designed and constructed from timber with lacquered aluminum supports: available with and without backrest; all timber is linseed-oil-impregnated PEFC-certified pine from Scandinavia; available for...
  • Livingreen Design: Arundel Urn Planters (Exterior)
    Arundel Urn Planters (Exterior)
    Livingreen Design
    Classic antique urns with breathtaking detail. Use singly or with our classical pedestal collection: suitable for both outdoor and interior planting solutions; ultra lightweight but as strong as steel; fully frostproof and...
  • Furnitubes International: Uniun® Modular Planter
    Uniun® Modular Planter
    Furnitubes International
    The trapezoid-shaped Uniun Planter is a contemporary planter ideal for large open paved spaces. Moulded from lightweight but tough polyethelene, the planter is available in multiple finishes as well as a 100% recycled...
  • Langley Design Street Furniture: Malford Fold Down Galvanised Steel Bollard - MBD202
    Malford Fold Down Galvanised Steel Bollard - MBD202
    Langley Design Street Furniture
    The Malford Bollard MBD202 is a fold down bollard used for areas with limited access. Made in galvanised steel, it can be left exposed or powder coated to a specific RAL colour to match existing project scheme. Supplied 76mm...
  • KFS Enterprises: Puczynski 13-04-17 curved seat
    Puczynski 13-04-17 curved seat
    KFS Enterprises
    The 13-04-17 curved seat is a part of an extensive range of Puczynski contemporary street furniture. Available in mild steel, galvanised and powder-coated or 304 / 316 grade stainless steel. Can be manufactured in any length...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Fusilier Range™ display frames
    Fusilier Range™ display frames
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    Fusilier Range™ stainless steel display frames are neatly presented on metal posts and can be finished in most BS or RAL colours. Fitzpatrick Woolmer's display frame system has been designed to accommodate full colour...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Hyde Seating
    Hyde Seating
    Bailey Streetscene
    If you want versatility and durability, then the Hyde Seat will be right up your street. Hopefully, quite literally! Its greatest strength is its adaptability as it can be developed to suit the requirements of our clients.
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 5003 rectangular stainless steel bollard
    ASF 5003 rectangular stainless steel bollard
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    Manufactured in the UK in stainless steel from recycled sources. Available in grade 304 and grade 316. Available in a range of dimensions. Can have inner heavy-duty steel section added to increase ramraid resistance' BIM...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Norfolk Bench
    Norfolk Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    Robust and refined, the Norfolk Bench is an integral and popular member of our outdoor seating products. Like others, the Norfolk Bench is a simple yet versatile and durable design, and manufactured from carefully selected...
  • Furnitubes International: Ribbon Multi-Seat
    Ribbon Multi-Seat
    Furnitubes International
    The Ribbon multi-seat offers an adaptable range of two-directional & two-tier seating solutions. Available in two profile sizes, Ribbon multi-seats are suitable for a variety of applications, including schools and colleges,...
  • All Urban: Steora E Smart Bench By include
    Steora E Smart Bench By include
    All Urban
    Steora E is the only bench in Steora family without PV modules. It is designed for use indoors in in areas with high numbers of visitors, such as travel interchanges, metro, bus or train stations, airports or shopping...
  • Furnitubes International: Zenith® picnic benches and table
    Zenith® picnic benches and table
    Furnitubes International
    The Zenith® picnic bench and table with the inset post supports make the table accessible to wheelchair users from both ends. The table can be joined to picnic benches or seats via a common ground plate so as to form a...
  • Vestre AS: DIALOG recycling bin
    DIALOG recycling bin
    Vestre AS
    The DIALOG recycling bin can be used both outdoors and for interior applications: free-standing, but can also be bolted down or wall mounted; available with 1–3 recycling options, with each opening being clearly labelled for...
  • Langley Design Street Furniture: Sheldon Timber Picnic Table - SPT315
    Sheldon Timber Picnic Table - SPT315
    Langley Design Street Furniture
    The Sheldon Picnic Table SPT315 is a traditional and recognisable style of picnic table. The A frame timber structure supporting the horizontal slats of the two benches and the 4 slatted table top provides an economical but...