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  • Artform Urban Furniture: Ibox Bench
    Ibox Bench
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The IBox Bench is a modular system that is made up entirely out of a mix of granite or marble stones, in a variety of colours, the seat is dressed and sanded around the edges. In order to obtain the most varied compositions,...
  • Shelley Signs: Oak lectern-frame signage
    Oak lectern-frame signage
    Shelley Signs
    Shelley Signs Ltd has over 35 years experience designing and producing bespoke signs and panels in a variety of materials. The company is best known for its interpretive signs and panels used in countryside and heritage...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Southampton hardwood bench with concrete supports
    Southampton hardwood bench with concrete supports
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Southampton bench requires minimal maintenance and is ideal for school playgrounds. The 45mm-thick hardwood bench slats conform to BS 5756 strength class 8, one of the strongest classifications. If left to weather...
  • All Urban: CitySolar Smart Outdoor Litter Bin By FinBin
    CitySolar Smart Outdoor Litter Bin By FinBin
    All Urban
    CitySolar is a next-generation compacting smart bin designed for the collection of waste in urban environments. It is the ideal solution where large collection capacities are required on public streets and parks. CitySolar...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Kara SF75A hardwood and galvanised steel bench
    Kara SF75A hardwood and galvanised steel bench
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Kara SF75A bench has 45mm-thick hardwood slats and a heavy-duty mild steel frame. The socket head security bolts prevent the removal of the hardwood slats and act as a vandal deterrent making it suitable for problem...
  • Amberol: Half Barrier self-watering plant baskets
    Half Barrier self-watering plant baskets
    Half Barrier baskets can be used for railings, ledges, building frontages and flat rooftops. They have double walled construction that keeps plants cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. An integral water reservoir...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Lakeside Seating
    Lakeside Seating
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Lakeside Seating is inspired by the familiar themes in nature and historic design that mark the work of architect Margaret McCurry. Benches share a common bent steel frame that recalls the traditional front-porch platform...
  • Pot Company: Ironstone Padana Planter
    Ironstone Padana Planter
    Pot Company
    Ironstone Features Crafted from Salt Glazed Clay A Warm Rustic Appearance Durable No Minimum Order
  • Round Wood of Mayfield: Clayfibre Windsor box, tall box & trough garden planters
    Clayfibre Windsor box, tall box & trough garden planters
    Round Wood of Mayfield
    Our Clayfibre criss-cross design Windsor garden planters have a lovely lattice pattern on the exterior to help create a stunning statement piece. These resourceful faux lead flower pots are environmentally friendly as they...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Steel Bollard Hazard Band
    Steel Bollard Hazard Band
    Bailey Streetscene
    Great for ensuring that the edge of a structure, car park, or space is easily and properly identified, possibly for separating areas, and also superb for restricting access and preventing unauthorised entry of vehicles – the...
  • AUTOPA Limited: AUTOPA open spaces Rockingham Seat
    AUTOPA open spaces Rockingham Seat
    AUTOPA Limited
    Sleek and stylish, the Rockingham Seat from AUTOPA open spaces is ideal for busy public areas. Manufactured in the UK, the Rockingham is available in both galvanised mild steel and grade 304 stainless steel. The AUTOPA open...
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Demetra combined seater and planter unit
    Demetra combined seater and planter unit
    Marshalls - street furniture
    Demetra is a free-standing combined seater and planter unit with a central hole that can accommodate a planter: precious stone or white granite; movingui or pine seating elements; optional central planter unit with water...
  • Streetlife: Square corten steel Shrubtubs
    Square corten steel Shrubtubs
    The corten Shrubtubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are large tree planters made of corten steel. The upper edge is equipped with a sturdy tree outline. These square and rectangular tree planters have a warm...
  • All Urban: One Bollard By LAB23
    One Bollard By LAB23
    All Urban
    Designer: StudiOrange The bollard ONE is made in the middle, lower and upper part in tubular steel, 80 mm diam. and 1,5 mm thickness, whereas the two sections of H. 40 mm are made in tubular stainless steel AISI 316 of 76 mm...
  • Street Design: Wall-mounted seats and benches
    Wall-mounted seats and benches
    Street Design
    Street Design creates, manufactures and installs wall-mounted seats and benches and other outdoor street furniture products. The company works with architects, landscape architects, major developers and contractors to...