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  • Branson Leisure: Cranham green oak seat
    Cranham green oak seat
    Branson Leisure
    The Cranham hardwood seat is manufactured from fully sanded green oak sleepers. Armrests, eased edges and rounded corners add comfort. It is very robust and virtually vandal-proof. Branson Leisure can deliver and install the...
  • Streetlife: Solid San Marco Seats
    Solid San Marco Seats
    Solid San Marco Seats are single-block low benches which are especially suited to grassy areas. A separate ground console is first installed flush with the ground. This makes for a harmonious transition between the ground...
  • Amberol: Half Barrier self-watering plant baskets
    Half Barrier self-watering plant baskets
    Half Barrier baskets can be used for railings, ledges, building frontages and flat rooftops. They have double walled construction that keeps plants cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. An integral water reservoir...
  • Benchmark Design: Plaque and commemorative seating solutions
    Plaque and commemorative seating solutions
    Benchmark Design
    Many of the products Benchmark Furniture produces can be client specific and finished in a number of different ways. One example has been for Bristol City Council where a plaque was added to a Centerline seat. Plaques can be...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Circular Tree Isles
    Rough&Ready Circular Tree Isles
    The Circular Tree Isles from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are CorTen tree edgings with integrated border seats. The FSC hardwood border seat comprises R&R beams (7x15 cm), which are beautifully integrated with the...
  • URBASTYLE®: City Scape concrete bench
    City Scape concrete bench
    The City Scape bench is manufactured in UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete). Designed by: Quinze and Milan (BE) Size & Weight: 392/75/40 cm - 1.450 kg Anchoring: Detached Finishing & Colors: Micro etched
  • Langley Design Street Furniture: Langley Plinth Mounted Seat - LST102
    Langley Plinth Mounted Seat - LST102
    Langley Design Street Furniture
    The Langley Seat LST102 uses the standard Langley style vertical slat bench top but utilises the granite plinth mount legs. This style of plinth mounting means that the Langley seat can be placed directly onto finished grade...
  • Benchmark Design: Centerline CL052 stainless steel dome-top litter bin
    Centerline CL052 stainless steel dome-top litter bin
    Benchmark Design
    The CL052 dome-top litter bin is part of the Centerline range of contemporary street furniture. It is available in powder-coated mild steel, 316 grade stainless steel, or a combination of both. The bin has an 80-litre...
  • Streetlife: Conical Tree Tubs
    Conical Tree Tubs
    The Conical Tree Tubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection have a warm appearance afforded by the CorTen steel. Ideal for realising large, mobile trees on multifunctional squares. Optionally, they can be finished in...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Cubusmobile Modular Seating
    Mago - Cubusmobile Modular Seating
    Public Spaces
    MATERIALS Reinforced concrete Polyethylene foam COLOURS Grey, black, beige Grey, black, white, red, orange TEXTURE Stripped Spongy FINISH Anti-graffiti Rubbery DIMENSIONS 750mm x 750mm x 750mm WEIGHT 928Kg 15Kg INSTALLATION...
  • Public Spaces: Litterman LM3 litterbin
    Litterman LM3 litterbin
    Public Spaces
    Litterman LM3 Litterbin Material: Stainless Steel/Powder coated galvanised steel Fixing: RootFixed / Surface Mounted Capacity: 110L Dimensions: 420mm x 550mm, 1000mm high Other Information: Full door length piano hinge, Slam...
  • Trueform: Bus interchange totem
    Bus interchange totem
    The bus interchange totem is a dual-sided, stylish TFT-LED totem ideally suited to busy urban locations requiring swift access to live journey planning information. Features include high quality architecturally detailed...
  • WoodBlocX: WoodBlocX™  The Laggan Planter
    WoodBlocX™ The Laggan Planter
    The Laggan Planter is part of the WoodBlocX Street Furniture Range. A large bed perfect for any public space: 3000 x 3000 x 550 mm; various size options available on request. q50 Site/street furniture/equipment...
  • Livingreen Design: Bill Tree Planters
    Bill Tree Planters
    Livingreen Design
    Livingreen Design offers the largest and most varied selection of off the shelf tree planters available anywhere. We classify a tree planter as at least 90cm by 90cm and capable of taking at least a 3m specimen. All are...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 022 rectangular section steel bollard
    ASF 022 rectangular section steel bollard
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    The ASF 022 bollard is manufactured in the UK from in 275 carbon steel from recycled sources. Standard sizes: from 50 x 30mm rectangular section steel; other sizes available. Finished galvanised. Powder coating available.