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  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe Table and bench with or without backrest
    eibe Table and bench with or without backrest
    eibe Play Ltd
    The attractively shaped group of chairs invites to have a rest and a nice chat. The eibe eibini bench with backrest is made from pressure impregnated pine. It has a traditional, plain design. A matching table and bench...
  • Taylor Made Planters: Kensington handmade timber planter
    Kensington handmade timber planter
    Taylor Made Planters
    The Kensington timber planter has a Versailles design with cross detail, and can be supplied in a range of finishes. Made from hand-picked, pressure-treated Redwood pine with 75mm posts and mortised joints, with a 46mm...
  • Chris Nangle Furniture: Wrap bench
    Wrap bench
    Chris Nangle Furniture
    The Wrap bench offers a contemporary and extremely durable public seating option for a wide variety of spaces: generous timber sections wrapped by 10mm-thick steel leg sections help stop grinding; legs constructed from...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Dea-Diva-Lua-Ela-Stella Seat
    Dea-Diva-Lua-Ela-Stella Seat
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Dea-Diva-Lua-Ela-Stella range of seating and loungers are manufactured entirely from thick sheet steel. The shape is rendered in steel while the motif pattern accentuates the aesthetics of the design. The pattern is...
  • Woodscape: Type 5 hardwood seat
    Type 5 hardwood seat
    Woodscape's Seat Type 5 high-quality seating combines a simple, natural appearance with a robust construction to resist vandalism. Manufactured in naturally very durable hardwood, seats are supplied fully assembled with a...
  • Furnitubes International: Arca Circular Single Sided Litter Bin
    Arca Circular Single Sided Litter Bin
    Furnitubes International
    The Arca circular single sided litter bin brings together a unique combination of robust construction, stylish appearance and interchangeable parts that can be replaced with ease, from damage or wear. The circular front with...
  • Amberol: Circular Precinct self-watering tiered planter (CFS-3P)
    Circular Precinct self-watering tiered planter (CFS-3P)
    Circular Precinct planters have three tiers that sit centrally on a Cup & Saucer floor-standing planter, which provides a sturdy base. They are ideal for walkways, streets and pedestrian areas and use Aquafeed™ self-watering...
  • GoPlastic: Mercury - recycled plastic litter bin
    Mercury - recycled plastic litter bin
    Designed for use in urban and rural spaces, the Mercury litter bin is available in round, half round and square designs. Requiring virtually no maintenance, the Mercury will not splinter, crack or rot, therefore providing an...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Sit Or Ride
    Sit Or Ride
    Bailey Streetscene
    A large number of parks are now catering for those on bikes or skateboards - and at Bailey Streetscene we recognise the need and demand to accommodate for this. The Sit Or Ride Bench has been designed specifically for skate...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Street Tidy solar-powered display outdoor litter bin
    Street Tidy solar-powered display outdoor litter bin
    Environmental Street Furniture
    Street Tidy is a solar-powered outdoor stainless steel sectional litter bin. It combines solar energy and smart sensors to allow infrared sensors to detect movement and illuminate the aperture lights when someone approaches...
  • Chris Nangle Furniture: 140 Fold Back Bench
    140 Fold Back Bench
    Chris Nangle Furniture
    The 140 Fold Back Bench is an ergonomically-designed seat with comfort and durablity in mind. The benches are available in a range of timber and metal finish options and are manufactured to order therefore can be made to...
  • Vestre AS: APRIL GO planter
    APRIL GO planter
    Vestre AS
    APRIL GO planters are sturdy units that are easy to stack and move as required: range of sizes and heights; the steel details are hot-dip galvanised and designed for long-term use; choose from nearly 200 different RAL...
  • Benchmark Design: Baseline BL007 curved stainless steel benches
    Baseline BL007 curved stainless steel benches
    Benchmark Design
    BL007 stainless steel curved benches are part of the Baseline range of contemporary street furniture. BL007 benches can be made to any radius and length, giving the landscape designer almost complete freedom over the...
  • Public Spaces: Cyria - Draiac totem signage
    Cyria - Draiac totem signage
    Public Spaces
    Powder-coated polyester totem sign with corten-effect finish, or Grey Cosmos powder coated polyester with a corten-effect finish, White Incognito, Golden Dust, Black Midnight, or Grey Cosmos Color RAL on request from 10...
  • Amberol: Gum & Ciggy bin (GUM-1P)
    Gum & Ciggy bin (GUM-1P)
    The Gum & Ciggy bin is a discrete wall- or post-mounted bin which is clearly labelled for the disposal of cigarettes and gum: the top part has an integral cigarette stubber and internal fire retardant liner; the bottom part,...