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  • Outdoor Design: Bespoke laser-cut metal garden features
    Bespoke laser-cut metal garden features
    Outdoor Design
    Outdoor Design uses state-of-the-art technology to create precision laser-cut garden features including large sculptures and products with intricate details. Laser-cutting enables the creation of objects and structures in...
  • Drostle Public Arts: Education sector art projects
    Education sector art projects
    Drostle Public Arts
    Mosaic art is a unique, durable medium for creating artworks in schools. This stems from its accessibility to all skill levels and the ability to link in with many different areas of the curriculum. Creating a mosaic...
  • Drostle Public Arts: Classical and medieval style mosaics
    Classical and medieval style mosaics
    Drostle Public Arts
    Examples of classical and medieval styled mosaics produced by Gary Drostle.
  • Drostle Public Arts: Modern mosaics
    Modern mosaics
    Drostle Public Arts
    Examples of modern mosaics produced by Gary Drostle.
  • Alpha Rail: Bespoke architectural metalwork
    Bespoke architectural metalwork
    Alpha Rail
    As specialists in bespoke metalwork Alpha Rail is able to design and manufacture purpose-made metalwork to suit project requiremetns for landscape architects and clients. The company can create new pieces of architectural...
  • Alpha Rail: Bespoke decorative steel archways
    Bespoke decorative steel archways
    Alpha Rail
    We are often asked to complement a railings or fencing project with bespoke features, and a decorative archway is a perfect way to bring emphasis to a logo, symbol or a heritage or cultural theme. We can design and...
  • Outdoor Design: Bespoke landscape and garden metalwork
    Bespoke landscape and garden metalwork
    Outdoor Design
    Outdoor Design combines specialist knowledge, technical expertiese and problem solving skills to offer a bespoke metalwork service for gardens and landscape architecture. The company can tailor a custom solution for every...
  • Leander Architectural: Architectural metalwork: New-build & Restoration
    Architectural metalwork: New-build & Restoration
    Leander Architectural
    Leander Architectural undertakes large scale architectural metalwork projects as well as providing casting and fabrication facilities for our clients. Typical metalwork projects are bandstands, bespoke decorative and...
  • Antique Bronze: Sculptural restoration of contemporary and public art
    Sculptural restoration of contemporary and public art
    Antique Bronze
    Contemporary materials have very different conservation problems than those of traditional sculpture. Often artists and those that fabricate their art, while expert at their execution, are less familiar with how the...
  • Antique Bronze: Sculptural restoration – war memorials
    Sculptural restoration – war memorials
    Antique Bronze
    The cleaning and conservation of war memorials is an important way of showing respect for those commemorated. Antique Bronze regularly undertakes cleaning and maintenance of war memorials for annual events such as...
  • Bronze and stainless steel public sculpture
    Keith McCarter
    Keith McCarter is a sculptor based in the Scottish border town of Galashiels. He has undertaken numerous commissions both in the UK and abroad, ranging from small, domestic-sized pieces to large-scale public works within...
  • Traditional cast iron pattress plates
    Britannia Architectural Metalwork
    Britannia produces traditional cast iron pattress plates (also known as tie bar plates) in three standard diameters. Exact replica castings can be made to order.
  • Cast iron traditional Victorian window sill castings
    Britannia Architectural Metalwork
    Britannia produce traditional Victorian window sill castings (also known as window box castings). Exact replica castings can also be made for restoration projects.
  • Architectural metalwork restoration
    CB Arts
    Chris Brammall has been resposible for delivering a wide range of architectural metalwork for town and city regeneration and redevelopment schemes across the UK. As well as bespoke pieces designed to be site specific Chris...
  • Fencing restoration
    Britannia Metalwork Services
    Has the capabilities to undertake challenging fencing restoration projects for large historical sites.