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  • Haddonstone: Large Basket of Fruit cast stone finial
    Large Basket of Fruit cast stone finial
    The Large Basket of Fruit highly decorative finial features a neo Gothic style basket with interlaced strapwork overflowing with ripe fruits in a naturalistic style. This neo Gothic revival style finial can be used as a...
  • Haddonstone: Pineapple and Base cast stone finial
    Pineapple and Base cast stone finial
    The popular cast stone Pineapple and Base finial's design is based on an early eighteenth century design. It is ideal for use on gate piers or balustrading. The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality and welcome for many...
  • Haddonstone: Soane Inigo Jones cast stone bust
    Soane Inigo Jones cast stone bust
    The Inigo Jones cast stone bust will appeal to those with an interest in classical architecture, interiors, gardens or landscapes. It is available in Portland, Bath, Terracotta, Coade and Slate
  • Haddonstone: Soane Shakespeare cast stone bust
    Soane Shakespeare cast stone bust
    The Soane Shakespeare cast stone portrait bust is taken from the copy of Thomas Sheemakers’ work in the permanent collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London. This Haddonstone edition was launched in 2016 to mark the...
  • Brad Dillon Sundials: Slate horizontal sundial
    Slate horizontal sundial
    Brad Dillon Sundials
    Slate horizontal sundials consists of a flat slate plate (the dial face) and a bronze gnomon which casts a shadow onto the dial. As the sun appears to move across the sky, the shadow aligns with different hour-lines which...
  • Handcarved natural stone statues
    Wrights of Campden
    Garden statuary is handcarved from solid natural stone and is well suited to private gardens.
  • Wrought iron components
    F.H. Brundle
    Our wrought iron component range enables metalworkers, blacksmiths, fabricators or anyone involved in the supply of gates, railings or decorative ironwork, to create high quality wrought iron products at low cost. These...
  • Bespoke hand-carved Cotswold limestone finials
    Wrights of Campden
    Wrights produce bespoke hand-carved Cotswold limestone finials.
  • Roco Verre Swiss Empire time zone clocks
    Contemporary Heaven
    These beautifully made quality contemporary clocks are absolutely stunning and the ultimate accessory for any home or office. The classic Swiss style dial is incorporated in a very stylish modern clock with a layered frosted...
  • Bespoke limestone architectural finials - ball
    Wrights of Campden
    Ball finials are produced in either 300mm or 350mm sizes in Bath or Cotswold limestone.
  • Cast iron ridge crestings
    Britannia Architectural Metalwork
    Britannia produce cast iron ridge crestings for roofs from a library of patterns. Bespoke replica castings can also be made.
  • Cast iron railing finials
    Metalcraft Tottenham
    Metalcraft manufactures cast iron railing finials. Finials are commonly situated on railing standard and the main posts at the end of the panels. A wide choice of designs and sizes is offered to suit both ornate, traditional...
  • Roco Verre five dial, time zone clocks
    Contemporary Heaven
    Five dial, time zone clocks are offered with standard city times, or can be customised to customer requirements. Cherry, maple and stainless steel back plates are available. Each back plate is made from 2cm thick real wood...
  • Kent Enniscorthy Banner Pole KEBP8750/3
    Kent Stainless (Wexford)
    The Kent Enniscorthy Banner Pole KEBP8750/3 offes a sturdy solution to the installation and mounting of banners, flags and advertising material. The freestanding poles come in 8750mm lengths with a range of options...
  • Architect landscaper sculptor sundial design service
    Macmillan Hunter Garden Sundials
    Our sundial design service for architects, landscapers and sculptors covers solar site survey, site-specific computed data, and sundial specifications.