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  • Noel Blakeman Studio: Allium water feature sculpture
    Allium water feature sculpture
    Noel Blakeman Studio
    Allium is an elegant and delicate water feature, originally inspired by the Allium Bulb seed head. There are 98 stainless steel tubes and water flows from the 16 tubes on the equator of the central sphere. Allium has been...
  • ArtParkS International: Eagle Gates by Guy Portelli
    Eagle Gates by Guy Portelli
    ArtParkS International
    Massive bronze gates incorporating flying eagles for a private commission. The gates incorporate approximately 2 tons of bronze and are supported by monumental stone gate piers topped by carved stone eagles.
  • Jankowski Weathervanes & Garden Art: Bespoke wind sculptures
    Bespoke wind sculptures
    Jankowski Weathervanes & Garden Art
    Bespoke wind sculptures can be used to create a focal point in any garden or landscape. Wind sculptures are kinetic forms and powered by the wind as they constantly respond to any air currents. They can be made from various...
  • ArtParkS International: Big Friends by Plamen Dimitrov
    Big Friends by Plamen Dimitrov
    ArtParkS International
    Big Friends by Plamen Dimitrov is a bronze cast statue of two figures of different sizes linked together with a friendly hand-hold. The figures are caricatured and slightly smaller than life-size which lends the piece an...
  • ArtParkS International: Interstellar by Andy Hopper
    Interstellar by Andy Hopper
    ArtParkS International
    Abstract sculpture of polished stainless steel inspired by deep space and the enormity of the infinite Universe. The sculpture is formed and created using the same laws of physics that created the Universe and which bind it...
  • Brad Dillon Sundials: Bronze armillary sphere
    Bronze armillary sphere
    Brad Dillon Sundials
    First used by the ancient Greeks as an aid to astronomy, the modern armillary sphere is an easy-to-use sundial that provides users with a gateway to gnomonics (the science of dialling), as well as serving as a visually...
  • Haddonstone: Millennium Obelisk - cast stone
    Millennium Obelisk - cast stone
    Haddonstone's cast stone Egyptian-style Millennium Obelisk is a very large landscape ornament and can be used to create a focal point in a very large landscape project aimed at celebrating a unique event or jubilee. It is...
  • Haddonstone: Margam Swagged Urn cast stone finial
    Margam Swagged Urn cast stone finial
    The cast stone Swagged Margam Urn has a very elegant Georgian design, with formal floral and lion-head decoration. Haddonstone was commissioned to restore and replicate the original urns at the English Heritage listed Margam...
  • Brad Dillon Sundials: Bronze horizontal sundials
    Bronze horizontal sundials
    Brad Dillon Sundials
    Bronze horizontal sundials consists of a flat plate (the dial face) and a decorative bronze gnomon which casts a shadow onto the dial. As the sun appears to move across the sky, the shadow aligns with different hour-lines...
  • Haddonstone: Balustrade Obelisk - cast stone
    Balustrade Obelisk - cast stone
    Haddonstone's cast stone Georgian-style Balustrade Obelisk has been designed for positioning on a Georgian-style Haddonstone balustrade pier as an interesting alternative to an urn or finial. It can also be used as a...
  • Haddonstone: Cast stone busts
    Cast stone busts
    Haddonstone offers a range of busts inspired by classic sculptures. Cast stone busts are suitable for a formal gardens, lawns, terraces or courtyards, as well as for interior design schemes such as halls, libraries,...
  • Haddonstone: Cast stone wall plaques
    Cast stone wall plaques
    Haddonstone's wall plaques can enhance an existing wall or be built into a new wall. Plaques are available in the traditional Haddonstone cast stone material as well as TecLite material. Due to the lightweight nature of the...
  • Haddonstone: Soane Shakespeare cast stone bust
    Soane Shakespeare cast stone bust
    The Soane Shakespeare cast stone portrait bust is taken from the copy of Thomas Sheemakers’ work in the permanent collection of Sir John Soane’s Museum in London. This Haddonstone edition was launched in 2016 to mark the...
  • Haddonstone: Lancelot 'Capability' Brown bust
    Lancelot 'Capability' Brown bust
    To mark the tercentenary of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s birth in 2016, Haddonstone has commissioned a bust based on Nathaniel Dance’s famous 1773 portrait. No previous portrait bust exists so this is a significant and...
  • Haddonstone: Vanbrugh Ball and Base cast stone finial
    Vanbrugh Ball and Base cast stone finial
    The Vanbrugh Ball and Base is part of a range of cast stone balls and bases for placing on pier caps and gate piers at the end of a driveway or entranceway. Colours: Portland, Bath and Terracotta. CAD drawings are available.