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  • Neo-Classical pedestal with cap
    Architectural Heritage
    The large Neo-Classical pedestal with cap is a reproduction piece made using age-patinated artificial stone. Elegant in style, it has laurel embellishments on each side, with egg and dart moulding at the top, which...
  • Steel Quill Sculpture
    David Harber
    Inspired by the pencil pines of the Mediterranean, the Quill stands like a silent sentinel in the landscape, creating stunning art for the garden. Up close, it reveals a delicate lattice of organic leaf petals that can be...
  • Hydra Sculpture
    David Harber
    Hydra is a tall, elegant tree-like copper sculpture. The copper has a warm rich patina that blends into a landscape while still making a distinctive design statement. The lighting has been designed to create interesting...
  • Mantle Bronze and Gold Leaf Sculpture
    David Harber
    A verdigris bronze sphere, consisting of dozens of individual bronze petals welded together to represent the broken nature of the Earth's crust. Lined internally with 23¾ carat gold leaf to mimic the Earth's molten core, the...
  • Eveque sculpture
    David Harber
    Eveque is a 2m tall contemporary bronze garden sculpture. Its name is the French word for bishop and was chosen because the sculpture looks similar to a bishop's mitre. The body of the sculpture is made of solid verdigris...
  • Pair of lead winged putti on artificial stone spheres
    Architectural Heritage
    The pair of lead winged putti seated on artificial stone spheres are reproductions of 18th-century originals. Each pair holds a wine goblet and a bunch of grapes.
  • Jekyll pedestal with armillary sphere sundial
    Architectural Heritage
    The Jekyll pedestal with armillary sphere is a reproduction piece, handcarved from natural limestone. It has a quartered baluster shape that is mounted on a square base, with dentil carving around the top. The armillary...
  • Matrix spherical garden sculpture with reflective petals
    David Harber
    Matrix is a dramatic sculptural garden sphere comprising bronze hoops with stainless steel insets. The external faces of the insets are polished stainless steel to reflect surrounding colours. The internal faces are gold...
  • Dark Planet Fire Table
    David Harber
    The Dark Planet Fire Table is a visually striking piece, volcanic in form. The base is a half sphere of smooth black puddle stones individually selected and then resin bonded to a hidden internal stainless steel frame,...
  • Ether Monolith Sculpture
    David Harber
    The Ether Monolith, one of a series of sculptures which use stainless steel to create a mirage like quality, is a large outdoor sculpture that is pagan in form yet ethereal in structure. Its rugged natural stone base creates...
  • Armillary sphere sundial on an inverted pedestal
    Architectural Heritage
    The armillary sphere sundial is a reproduction piece made from verdigris bronze. It is pierced with an arrow and is calibrated with the hours. The sundial is mounted on an elegant, natural limestone, inverted pedestal.
  • Lidded finial urn in age-patinated, artificial stone
    Architectural Heritage
    The lidded finial urn is a reproduction piece made from age-patinated artificial stone. Elegant in style, it has a circular socle and a square base. Its campana-shaped body features lobed decoration to the bowl and...
  • Tazza hand-carved, limestone urn
    Architectural Heritage
    The Tazza urn is a reproduction piece, hand carved from natural limestone. Elegant in shape, it has a carved egg and dart rim, a lobed body, and a ribbed foot that is mounted on a square base.
  • Dihelion sundial sculpture in powder coated steel
    Macmillan Hunter Garden Sundials
    Dihelion steps into a world of sculpture where time is brought to life by sunshine. This creative double sundial is able to tell the time and see the season of the year. The idea has been inspired by lovely sunflowers that...
  • Octagonal hand carved natural limestone vine wellhead
    Architectural Heritage
    The octagonal vine wellhead is hand-carved from natural limestone and is based on the design of 17th century originals. The wellhead has a stone step, wrought iron overthrow, and a pulley and chain.