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  • The Kernel Sculpture
    David Harber
    The Kernel is a very tactile sphere made from river-washed puddle stones. A crisp slice has been removed from the sphere, exposing a mirror-polished stainless steel facade with a patinated kernel at the centre. The...
  • Roco Verre five dial, time zone clocks
    Contemporary Heaven
    Five dial, time zone clocks are offered with standard city times, or can be customised to customer requirements. Cherry, maple and stainless steel back plates are available. Each back plate is made from 2cm thick real wood...
  • Ether Monolith Sculpture
    David Harber
    The Ether Monolith, one of a series of sculptures which use stainless steel to create a mirage like quality, is a large outdoor sculpture that is pagan in form yet ethereal in structure. Its rugged natural stone base creates...
  • Eveque sculpture
    David Harber
    Eveque is a 2m tall contemporary bronze garden sculpture. Its name is the French word for bishop and was chosen because the sculpture looks similar to a bishop's mitre. The body of the sculpture is made of solid verdigris...
  • Kent Enniscorthy Banner Pole KEBP8750/3
    Kent Stainless (Wexford)
    The Kent Enniscorthy Banner Pole KEBP8750/3 offes a sturdy solution to the installation and mounting of banners, flags and advertising material. The freestanding poles come in 8750mm lengths with a range of options...
  • Emperor Hadrian busts
    The David Sharp Studio
    Emperor Hadrian busts are part of the Museum Range, which is based on some of the worlds most recognised pieces of sculpture. They are made from Castcarrara® Marble, and are suitable for use in private and public landscapes...
  • Circular hand-carved natural limestone vine wellhead
    Architectural Heritage
    The circular vine wellhead is hand carved from natural limestone and is based on the design of 17th century originals. The wellhead has a stone step, wrought iron overthrow, and a pulley and chain.
  • Tazza hand-carved, limestone urn
    Architectural Heritage
    The Tazza urn is a reproduction piece, hand carved from natural limestone. Elegant in shape, it has a carved egg and dart rim, a lobed body, and a ribbed foot that is mounted on a square base.
  • Georgian pedestal with bronze Thomas Wright dial plate
    Architectural Heritage
    The swagged Georgian pedestal with bronze Thomas Wright sundial plate is a reproduction piece carved from natural limestone. The ornately carved sundial features a grotesque mask and swagged garland decoration to the...
  • Brass Armillary Sphere Sundial
    David Harber
    Armillary spheres are sundials and owe their design to the Egyptian astronomer and geographer Ptolemy. The interwoven rings represent the celestial arcs of heavenly bodies and the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, while the...
  • Vertical Sundials
    David Harber
    A vertical sundial can adorn almost any wall, adding - quite literally - a whole new dimension to the design equation. Taking into account latitude, longitude and the angle of the wall to the sun, these sundials can mark the...
  • Hevingham Hall Terrace artificial stone urn
    Architectural Heritage
    The Hevingham Hall Terrace urn is a reproduction of the original, 19th-century urns formerly installed at Hevingham Hall, Suffolk. Made from age-patinated artificial stone, the classical Tazza urn has a semi-lobed body with...
  • Bespoke timber obelisks
    Garden Trellis Company
    Used to create height and interest as either stand alone items or built into planters, bespoke timber obelisks are available in a choice of traditional and contemporary styles. Bespoke sizes can be produced in the same...
  • Coluna copper and stainless steel garden sculpture
    David Harber
    The simple organic form of the Coluna bears David Harber's familiar hallmarks of simplicity, fluidity and intrigue. Made of copper discs of varying diameters, and supported on a mirror-polished stainless steel tube anchored...
  • Statue of Fidelity
    Architectural Heritage
    The Statue of Fidelity is a reproduction of a French 19th-century adaptation of the Roman goddess Fides. It is made from age-patinated artificial stone. The classically draped Fides is accompanied by her dog Fido, a symbol...