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  • What to consider when installing metal railings on walls
    Alpha Rail
    When thinking about what to consider when installing metal railings on a wall, the main ones are cost, appearance, the likely usage and the stability of the existing wall. The main fixing options when installing metal...
  • Are all self-watering planters the same?
    This summer's heatwave may have created a welcome continental feel on Britain’s high streets, but it can cause havoc for Britain in Bloom groups, gardeners and professional ground staff across the country, especially with...
  • Modular designs that don’t stick to standard dimensions
    If you are designing a large landscape scheme that will be a pleasure for people to live and work in, planters are a useful tool to have in your project. Planting brings life to streets, squares, parks and housing...
  • Palisade vs mesh fencing
    CLD Fencing Systems
    Almost everyone will have come across palisade fencing. Defined by its tri-tipped ends, it was always considered to offer a barrier between properties and would-be trespassers. However, in recent years, more and more...
  • Getting to Grips With Highway Pollution
    Pollution from urban highways, trunk roads and motorways poses significant risks to the environment from toxic metals and hydrocarbons that are carried in surface water runoff. The risks are well-documented and the...
  • Comparing Absorptive and Reflective Noise Barriers
    Jacksons Fencing
    Environmental noise is becoming an increasingly invasive part of every day life, fuelled by a growing population, housing and the infrastructure to support it all conspiring to bring people and noise sources in closer...
  • What role do SUDS play in green infrastructure?
    Romy Rawlings examines the role that sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) play in green infrastructure. With over 5.2 million properties in England at risk of flooding, SUDs should be a part of an integrated strategy...
  • When and how to specify movable planters
    IOTA explains the design and functionality issues to consider when specifying that planters should be movable with in-built castors. There are basically two options, each with their pros and cons - lockable and non-lockable
  • Determining thickness and area size for safety surfacing
    RTC Safety Surfaces
    The following information is designed to help assess the depth and area size of safety surfacing required. Depth of surfacing The depth of surfacing required is calculated according to the Free Fall Height (FFH) of any play...
  • Top play activities to encourage teamwork & group play
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    At Sovereign we believe in the benefits of group play and we champion products that can be used by multiple children at a time. Group play is an effective way to encourage communication and teamwork in children of all ages,...
  • Fibre reinforced cement seating - the production process
    IOTA's Boulevard range of planters and street furniture is manufactured in Switzerland from a proprietary, patent-protected form of fibre-reinforced cement (FRC). FRC is a consolidated blend of cement, limestone, water,...
  • Demistifying Concrete - Part 2
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    In recent years, concrete has come under some very close scrutiny in terms of its environmental credentials. Concrete production actually has a low environmental impact, but it is currently manufactured in such enormous...
  • School safety and security best practice
    Jacksons Fencing
    An advisory expert article covering school safety and security best practice.
  • Watered-down SuDS regs need shoring up with common sense
    Hydro International
    Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro International, addresses how policy and practice on surface water management has evolved three years on from a bout of devastating flooding in 2012. Are we any better prepared for surface...
  • How to create a play space that promotes inclusive play
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    Here at Sovereign we pride ourselves on creating exciting, dynamic and safe play areas for children of all abilities. We believe in encouraging inclusive play to bring the best out of every child, regardless of age or...