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  • Polyester powder coating explained
    Jacksons Fencing
    When specifying fencing for your site, along with aesthetics and security, the finish should be carefully considered. Budget, climate and location can all influence which finish will be most suitable for your requirements.
  • Getting your Play Facilities Holiday Ready
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    According to sources it is going to an exciting time for the UK holiday market and 2019 looks set to be another year where ‘staycations’ are on the rise. Are you visitor ready yet? I am sure many holiday parks up and down...
  • Urban Runoff - The Forgotten Polluter?
    Jo Bradley, Market Development Manager, SDS Limited, takes a look at a neglected issue..... Rainwater that runs off impervious surfaces such as roads, roofs and car parks can carry with it hazardous pollutants. Heavy storms...
  • CE marking regulations for highways noise narriers
    Jacksons Fencing
    Noise barriers for road infrastructure are products that fall under the Construction Product Regulation (CPR), the application of which is compulsory for all EU Member States. Under this regulation, the letters ‘CE’ appear...
  • Deck finishing – success comes in the preparation
    Silva Timber
    Nick Taylor, Managing Director of Silva Timber Products and Sjoerd Bos, VP of Sansin, provide advice on how best to finish decking. Whether you are a garden designer looking at a deck for a residential client, or an...
  • Specifying non-slip decking
    Specifying non-slip decking for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas When specifying decking areas for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas, consideration must be given to aesthetics, maintenance and safety.
  • Red thread disease in lawns - how to treat it
    Harrowden Turf
    What does red thread disease look like? The first clue that your lawn may be suffering from red thread disease is the appearance of small straw-coloured patches in the sward. These patches usually have an irregular shape and...
  • Choosing gates for playgrounds and play areas
    Jacksons Fencing
    Things to consider when choosing a playground gate. Access for emergency services is essential. An ambulance should be able to drive right up to the play area in all weather conditions with enough room for a trolley bed to...
  • Code for geosynthetics and steel meshes
    Road Surface Treatments Association
    A new code from the Road Surface Treatments Association (RTSA) points the way forward for future development of geosynthetics and steel meshes Cracking in asphalt roads and pavements is one of the biggest problems faced by...
  • Materials for wayfinding and signage systems
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    Jon Scott examines material choices for signage in public areas. Arguably more than for any other piece of street furniture, the selection of materials for a signage product is vitally important. Primarily, every material...
  • How to create a play space that promotes inclusive play
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    Here at Sovereign we pride ourselves on creating exciting, dynamic and safe play areas for children of all abilities. We believe in encouraging inclusive play to bring the best out of every child, regardless of age or...
  • Why do schools need acoustic fencing?
    Jacksons Fencing
    At any school, there will be times during the day when the student population will be outdoors, whether this is before and after lessons, at lunchtime, or during PE. But with many schools located in populated areas, it’s...
  • Wildflowers for specifiers and developers
    Harrowden Turf
    Easy BREEAM compliant environmental enhancement for building projects Feedback from property rentals and sales shows that BREEAM rated buildings deliver a better return on investment for developers and owners. The market...
  • Tree anchors: contractor guidelines and considerations
    Platipus Anchors Ltd
    Platipus Anchors suggests that, for contractors, the following considerations are the most important things to remember when it comes to tree anchors. How long does it take to install a rootball fixing system? Once the hole...
  • Rhythm healing and the power of the drum
    Percussion Play
    From the earliest times drums and their rhythms have been at the centre of social and cultural activities all over the world, in fact it is said to be man's oldest musical percussion instrument. However, drums have not...