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  • Heras UK: Perimeter security systems and solutions
    Perimeter security systems and solutions
    Heras UK
    Heras CPD Training on perimeter security fencing is an informative session showcasing the do’s and don’t in perimeter decision making. Heras is one of the largest fencing manufacturer in the UK and has a wealth of experience...
  • Goose Foot Street Furniture: Bespoke street furniture - RIBA approved CPD seminar
    Bespoke street furniture - RIBA approved CPD seminar
    Goose Foot Street Furniture
    Goose Foot offers construction professionals (including architects and specifiers) the opportunity to attend a free RIBA approved CPD seminar, covering considerations and potential issues when specifying bespoke street...
  • Highways surface water management
    ACO Water Management
    Focus on compliance with Highways England requirements and solutions which overcome problems encountered in urban and rural highway schemes.
  • NatraTex CPD
    This introduction to NatraTex products secures you an interactive seminar over lunch to discover the NatraTex range, at your offices.
  • SuDS implementation stages
    ACO Water Management
    Stages in SuDS implementation from pre-planning to adoption and maintenance An insight into the legislations, recommendations and considerations for implementing a SuDS solution into a project from pre-planning through to...
  • Outdoor Deck CPD
    Outdoor Deck Company
    The Outdoor Deck Company offer Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations to architects, specifiers and designers. The comprehensive 40 minute training session includes lunch and is held at the client's...
  • The advantages of hard landscaping materials
    The Bituchem Group is offering free, informative presentations to architects and specifiers throughout England and Wales on the advantages of hard landscaping materials. The surfacing product specialists have created the...
  • Continuous Professional Development
    Keeping up to date with developments in our areas of expertise is a key aim. Offering a varied range of CPDs is part of this remit. Created alongside customers, the topics covered share our specialist knowledge. Choose from...
  • Effective Surface Water Management
    ACO Water Management
    Focus on the application of suitable systems when dealing with the collection, cleaning, holding and releasing of surface water.
  • Practical and Sustainable Surface Water Management
    ACO Water Management
    Focus on the future of surface water management, SuDS and how we find a balance in our designs. Showcasing how keeping water flow at or near the surface can convey flow to SuDS solutions.
  • Quad channel design
    ACO Water Management
    Quad channel design The presentation demonstrates the simplicity of designing the channels using ACO’s Quad software. Taking you through a step-by-step guide on using the software.
  • World Class Paving and Walling
    Tobermore offers RIBA CPD approved presentations to give specifiers first hand experience of paving and walling products. Typically CPD seminar presentations are made at the architect's practice, usually during lunch break.
  • Quad channel design, ACO in Microdrainage
    ACO Water Management
    Showcasing the ease of designing the channels using ACO’s Quad software and additionally in a MicroDrainage network model to produce an integrated analysis.
  • Urban surface design
    ACO Water Management
    Exploration of surface water management from traditional to SuDS solutions and how you can implement a design which enhances the aesthetics of a project.
  • StormBrixx CPD
    ACO Water Management
    A product centric presentation on ACO’s Geocellular stormwater management system and its application across all construction environments and as part of an integrated SuDS scheme.