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  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Amenity and conservation services
    Amenity and conservation services
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Along with pond and river works, Hugh Pearl also offers conservation works within parks or nature reserves. The company has carried out many contracts for local councils which involved the installation of or upgrade of...
  • Keller UK: Piling services - helical piles
    Piling services - helical piles
    Keller UK
    Helical piles, also known as screw piles, are constructed using steel shafts with helical flights of various sizes to suit the site specific ground conditions. They are a reusable, sustainable product suitable for permanent...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Irrigation contractors
    Irrigation contractors
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Hugh Pearl provides a specialist design and construction service for: land drainage, ditching, moling and water supply; reservoirs for irrigation, effluent disposal, fishing and amenity; pipeline reinstatement land drainage.
  • Hydro International: Flood management services
    Flood management services
    Hydro International
    Hydro International's Flood Management Service aims to understand, mitigate and plan for flood events with expert flood monitoring, modelling, forecasting and warning services. Its flood services help people, companies and...
  • Ruskins Trees and Landscapes: Deep aeration and boosting of soils around trees
    Deep aeration and boosting of soils around trees
    Ruskins Trees and Landscapes
    Aeration and boosting of soils around trees is carried out using a 1m deep soil probe that blasts compressed air, causing fractures in the soil. This decompacts the soil and allows soil ameliorants such as biochar,...
  • Hydro International: Water demand, resources & supply
    Water demand, resources & supply
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International's experts help water companies to understand long-term water management issues, to plan procurement, operation and maintenance activities, and to stress-test and optimise those plans in order to deliver...
  • Dunhouse Quarry Co.: Stone carving services
    Stone carving services
    Dunhouse Quarry Co.
    Dunhouse's expert masons have wide experience in stone carving for new projects and in providing replacement carving to match original details. The company's design team can site-measure or work from clients' details to...
  • Fountains Direct: Fountain and water feature consultancy
    Fountain and water feature consultancy
    Fountains Direct
    Fountains Direct provides sub-consultancy services for the complete design of all types of water features to Architectural and Landscape Architectural practices. The company can work through the various RIBA work stages –...
  • Timotay Landscapes: Landscape design service
    Landscape design service
    Timotay Landscapes
    Established in 1985, Timotay Landscapes has built a high-quality reputation for designing prestigious and exclusive domestic gardens. With a team of experienced and highly qualified landscape architects and garden designers,...
  • Theories Landscapes: Design and build of natural play areas
    Design and build of natural play areas
    Theories Landscapes
    Founded in 1983, Theories Landscapes has experience in designing and building play spaces for children of all ages, from early years to young adults, using natural materials. The company works with schools, parks development...
  • Keller UK: Piling services - minipiles
    Piling services - minipiles
    Keller UK
    Minipiles are a deep foundation element constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bars. They can be used to provide support to most structures, underpin foundations, enhance mass stability,...
  • Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Wetland habitat creation
    Wetland habitat creation
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes
    Aqualife has a natural enthusiasm for the enhancement of the countryside and its wildlife. The creation of natural habitation for many creatures such as voles, great crested newts, bird types native to their region, and...
  • Theories Landscapes: Design and build of community play areas
    Design and build of community play areas
    Theories Landscapes
    Theories Landscapes has vast experience of working with local authorities and community groups, to deliver a comprehensive set of landscape design and play solutions. The company focuses hard on community engagement to...
  • Theories Landscapes: Parks, public spaces, and community gardens
    Parks, public spaces, and community gardens
    Theories Landscapes
    Over the years Theories Landscapes has developed a consummate reputation for community engagement and landscape and play design solutions in the public realm, and private domestic sector. We have worked with several local...
  • Drostle Public Arts: Modern mosaics
    Modern mosaics
    Drostle Public Arts
    Examples of modern mosaics produced by Gary Drostle.