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  • Hydro International: Maintenance support
    Maintenance support
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International offers expert commissioning, inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair for wastewater, stormwater and industrial water management systems. The company can also help to design, install, operate and...
  • Hydro International: Field Hydrometry
    Field Hydrometry
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International's field hydrometry service can provide meaningful, actionable hydrometric data, or their specialists can design, install, operate and maintain hydrometric data collection systems. The Hydro-Logic™...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Civil and geotechnical engineering
    Civil and geotechnical engineering
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Hugh Pearl provides specialist sub-contractor services to the civil engineering and geotechnical engineering sectors. The company's staff and operatives have the skills and experience to carry out work swiftly and to a high...
  • Timotay Landscapes: Landscape design service
    Landscape design service
    Timotay Landscapes
    Established in 1985, Timotay Landscapes has built a high-quality reputation for designing prestigious and exclusive domestic gardens. With a team of experienced and highly qualified landscape architects and garden designers,...
  • Theories Landscapes: Design and build of community play areas
    Design and build of community play areas
    Theories Landscapes
    Theories Landscapes has vast experience of working with local authorities and community groups, to deliver a comprehensive set of landscape design and play solutions. The company focuses hard on community engagement to...
  • Fountains Direct: Fountain and water feature design
    Fountain and water feature design
    Fountains Direct
    Fountains Direct’s team of specialists combines creative CAD, technical expertise and water engineering skills, enabling the company to design turnkey projects for worldwide installations. Consulted early in the development...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Irrigation contractors
    Irrigation contractors
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Hugh Pearl provides a specialist design and construction service for: land drainage, ditching, moling and water supply; reservoirs for irrigation, effluent disposal, fishing and amenity; pipeline reinstatement land drainage.
  • Kinley : Landscape edging design service
    Landscape edging design service
    Kinley offers technical support and design services for commercial landscape edging projects. Whether it is a hard-hard, soft-hard, soft-soft or roof garden edging project, the Kinley team can assist in the design and...
  • Drostle Public Arts: Education sector art projects
    Education sector art projects
    Drostle Public Arts
    Mosaic art is a unique, durable medium for creating artworks in schools. This stems from its accessibility to all skill levels and the ability to link in with many different areas of the curriculum. Creating a mosaic...
  • Hydro International: Water engineering
    Water engineering
    Hydro International
    Hydro International's expert Hydro-Logic Services consultants provide stormwater, drainage and water pollution management design, guidance and advisory support for all water engineering projects. These Water Engineering...
  • Ruskins Trees and Landscapes: Supply and planting of large trees and shrubs
    Supply and planting of large trees and shrubs
    Ruskins Trees and Landscapes
    Ruskins handles and plants all sizes of trees and shrubs, including large specimens from Europe. A planting-only service is provided for clients who have purchased their own specimens but require the necessary expertise to...
  • Outdoor Design: Bespoke laser-cut metal garden features
    Bespoke laser-cut metal garden features
    Outdoor Design
    Outdoor Design uses state-of-the-art technology to create precision laser-cut garden features including large sculptures and products with intricate details. Laser-cutting enables the creation of objects and structures in...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Natural sports field construction
    Natural sports field construction
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Hugh Pearl’s experienced management and workforce can undertake construction, refurbishment and maintenance of natural sports pitches. Hard and soft landscaping, track, path, cycle and mountain bike trail installation...
  • Hydro International: Flood management services
    Flood management services
    Hydro International
    Hydro International's Flood Management Service aims to understand, mitigate and plan for flood events with expert flood monitoring, modelling, forecasting and warning services. Its flood services help people, companies and...
  • Theories Landscapes: Bespoke design and build of secondary school playgrounds
    Bespoke design and build of secondary school playgrounds
    Theories Landscapes
    Founded in 1983, Theories Landscapes has experience in designing and building playgrounds for secondary schools. The playgrounds are designed to help nurture the physical, creative and social development of children, from...