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  • Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: SuDS and flood management using aquatic plants
    SuDS and flood management using aquatic plants
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes
    The continuing slide to a wetter climate in the UK has resulted in more regular flooding occurrences. Offering a preventative flood management service is a key ingredient of Aqualife’s wide ranging skills. Aqualife's team...
  • Lining Systems GRP: Water Feature Lining
    Water Feature Lining
    Lining Systems GRP
    Specification – GRP Lining to Fan Shaped Water Feature in Black. Size – 70 sqm Staff – 2 Operatives Duration – 2 visits Time of year – January This job was completed for a new client, they required a GRP waterproof lining to...
  • Fountains Direct: Fountain and water feature consultancy
    Fountain and water feature consultancy
    Fountains Direct
    Fountains Direct provides sub-consultancy service for the complete design of all types of water features to Architectural and Landscape Architectural practices. The company can work through the various RIBA work stages –...
  • Timotay Landscapes: Garden and landscape installation service
    Garden and landscape installation service
    Timotay Landscapes
    Timotay's skilled landscapers install gardens and landscapes, with all projects managed by experienced project managers. Projects are overseen from start to finish with the highest standards of communication and with a...
  • Lining Systems GRP: Swimming pool lining
    Swimming pool lining
    Lining Systems GRP
    Lining a swimming pool with fibreglass is a cost effective sulution due to its long-life expectancy, in addition, the acidity in the fibreglass means that less chemicals are needed to operate the pool. Maintenance is also...
  • Fountains Direct: Fountain and water feature design
    Fountain and water feature design
    Fountains Direct
    Fountains Direct’s team of specialists combines creative CAD, technical expertise and water engineering skills, enabling the company to design turnkey projects for worldwide installations. Consulted early in the development...
  • Kinley : Landscape edging design service
    Landscape edging design service
    Kinley offers technical support and design services for commercial landscape edging projects. Whether it is a hard-hard, soft-hard, soft-soft or roof garden edging project, the Kinley team can assist in the design and...
  • Dunhouse Quarry Co.: Stone carving services
    Stone carving services
    Dunhouse Quarry Co.
    Dunhouse's expert masons have wide experience in stone carving for new projects and in providing replacement carving to match original details. The company's design team can site-measure or work from clients' details to...
  • Ruskins Trees and Landscapes: Deep aeration and boosting of soils around trees
    Deep aeration and boosting of soils around trees
    Ruskins Trees and Landscapes
    Aeration and boosting of soils around trees is carried out using a 1m deep soil probe that blasts compressed air, causing fractures in the soil. This decompacts the soil and allows soil ameliorants such as biochar,...
  • Marshalls: Linear drainage design services
    Linear drainage design services
    For new or existing linear drainage schemes, Marshalls' Design Team can provide layout design, detailed drawings and component schedules to maximise efficiencies. Marshalls can help with value engineering, product selection,...
  • Marshalls: Paving design tool
    Paving design tool
    Marshalls has created its own free Paving Design software. By entering a few site details along with your chosen Marshalls surfacing product, you will be issued with a specific design which can be output as a 2-page pdf...
  • Hydro International: Water demand, resources & supply
    Water demand, resources & supply
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International's experts help water companies to understand long-term water management issues, to plan procurement, operation and maintenance activities, and to stress-test and optimise those plans in order to deliver...
  • Theories Landscapes: Design and build of nursery and EYFS playgrounds
    Design and build of nursery and EYFS playgrounds
    Theories Landscapes
    Founded in 1983, Theories Landscapes has experience in designing and building play spaces for nurseries and EYFS centres (Early Years Foundation Stages). Projects can be structured in phases in order to spread the financial...
  • Hydro International: Field Hydrometry
    Field Hydrometry
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International's field hydrometry service can provide meaningful, actionable hydrometric data, or their specialists can design, install, operate and maintain hydrometric data collection systems. The Hydro-Logic™...
  • ELIQUO HYDROK: Pipework, welding, design and fabrication
    Pipework, welding, design and fabrication
    Eliquo Hydrok have a history of providing engineering solutions for the Water Industry. Our manufacturing services operate within purpose built modern facilities using up to date machinery and include tool room facilities...