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  • Outdoor Design: Bespoke landscape and garden metalwork
    Bespoke landscape and garden metalwork
    Outdoor Design
    Outdoor Design combines specialist knowledge, technical expertiese and problem solving skills to offer a bespoke metalwork service for gardens and landscape architecture. The company can tailor a custom solution for every...
  • Fountains Direct: Fountain and water feature installation
    Fountain and water feature installation
    Fountains Direct
    Fountains Direct is regularly involved in the installation, commissioning and maintenance of water features. The company undertakes all mechanical and electrical work, as well as plumbing, GRP / metal fabrication, and...
  • Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Lake and pond design and build services
    Lake and pond design and build services
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes
    Aqualife offers design, advice and construction services for private landowners and public nature reserves where expertise and experience of both native and ornamental water work constructions is required. Clients include...
  • Hydro International: Maintenance support
    Maintenance support
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International offers expert commissioning, inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair for wastewater, stormwater and industrial water management systems. The company can also help to design, install, operate and...
  • Hydro International: Water demand, resources & supply
    Water demand, resources & supply
    Hydro International
    Hydro-International's experts help water companies to understand long-term water management issues, to plan procurement, operation and maintenance activities, and to stress-test and optimise those plans in order to deliver...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Irrigation contractors
    Irrigation contractors
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Hugh Pearl provides a specialist design and construction service for: land drainage, ditching, moling and water supply; reservoirs for irrigation, effluent disposal, fishing and amenity; pipeline reinstatement land drainage.
  • Ruskins Trees and Landscapes: Supply and planting of large trees and shrubs
    Supply and planting of large trees and shrubs
    Ruskins Trees and Landscapes
    Ruskins has handled and planted all sizes of trees and shrubs since 1986, including some of the largest in Europe. A planting-only service is available for clients who have purchased their own specimens but require the...
  • Keller UK: Piling services - driven precast piles
    Piling services - driven precast piles
    Keller UK
    Driven precast piles are installed using impact or vibration hammers to a design depth or resistance. They can be used for all types of construction, particularly in aggressive soil condition, and are well suited to sites...
  • Keller UK: Piling services - minipiles
    Piling services - minipiles
    Keller UK
    Minipiles are a deep foundation element constructed using high-strength, small-diameter steel casing and/or threaded bars. They can be used to provide support to most structures, underpin foundations, enhance mass stability,...
  • Keller UK: Piling services - driven, cast in-situ (DCIS) piles
    Piling services - driven, cast in-situ (DCIS) piles
    Keller UK
    Driven cast in-situ (DCIS) piles are constructed by driving a closed-ended thick-walled steel casing into the ground and then filling it with concrete. They can be used as foundations for new buildings (residential and...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Amenity and conservation services
    Amenity and conservation services
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    Along with pond and river works, Hugh Pearl also offers conservation works within parks or nature reserves. The company has carried out many contracts for local councils which involved the installation of or upgrade of...
  • Marshalls: 360 services for commercial hard landscape professionals
    360 services for commercial hard landscape professionals
    Marshalls 360 services have been developed to support designers, specifiers and buyers working on commercial hard landscaping projects. 360 services cover continuous professional development, technical support, design,...
  • Kinley : Landscape edging design service
    Landscape edging design service
    Kinley offers technical support and design services for commercial landscape edging projects. Whether it is a hard-hard, soft-hard, soft-soft or roof garden edging project, the Kinley team can assist in the design and...
  • Hydro International: Flood management services
    Flood management services
    Hydro International
    Hydro International's Flood Management Service aims to understand, mitigate and plan for flood events with expert flood monitoring, modelling, forecasting and warning services. Its flood services help people, companies and...
  • Harrowden Turf: Precision turf delivery with  “what3words”
    Precision turf delivery with “what3words”
    Harrowden Turf
    Harrowden Turf makes delivery easy with “what3words”. Businesses and customers buying from Harrowden Turf and its online brand – Turfonline – can now book their exact turf delivery location using the latest location mapping...