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  • Shelley Signs: Routed oak entrance signs
    Routed oak entrance signs
    Shelley Signs
    In contrast to the tactile nature of the company's sand-blasted signs, routed oak sign panels offer indented graphics. Different fonts, styles and post systems result in significantly different styles and appearances. They...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Ellis Bench
    Ellis Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Ellis Bench is an integral and popular part of our street furniture portfolio and helps to create an attractive outdoor space – ideally suited to a variety of outdoor public spaces. The Ellis Bench is manufactured from...
  • URBASTYLE®: Soft Seat bench
    Soft Seat bench
    The Soft Seat bench is manufactured in cast stone. Design by: Roel Vandebeek (BE) Size & Weight: 93/93/42cm - 800kg Anchoring: Detached HENRY VAN DE VELDE LABEL - 2008
  • Livingreen Design: Rose Planters
    Rose Planters
    Livingreen Design
    Inspired by the Medieval rose and based on ancient lead panels, these detailed planters can also be specified as window boxes, watertanks (with optional lid) and self contained fountains (with optional backplate). Add...
  • AUTOPA Limited: EB300 Steel Core Bollards
    EB300 Steel Core Bollards
    AUTOPA Limited
    The EB300 Steel Core Bollards are new slimline versions of the popular EB Bollards. Designed for retail parks for demarkation and pedestrian safety along walkways. The unique design allows the option of having the Bollards...
  • ESE World: TD MULTILINE 100 free-standing litter bin
    TD MULTILINE 100 free-standing litter bin
    ESE World
    TD MULTILINE 100 is a free-standing litter bin with ashtray. Emptying: Discharge container or refuse bag unlock snap lock, open hood, bin/refuse bag free accessible for emptying Volume (L): 100 Weight (kg): around 40,...
  • Pot Company: Fiori Cono  Luminous Outdoor Planter
    Fiori Cono Luminous Outdoor Planter
    Pot Company
    · Lightweight · Made Using Sophisticated Injection and Rotational Moulding Techniques · Huge Variety of Colours · No Minimum Order TP3424.70 37cm x 39cm x 70cm 6kg TP3424.90 40cm x 40cm x 90cm 7kg TP3424.110 45cm x 45cm x...
  • Althon: Chieftan inspection chamber 1830 x 1675 x 1390
    Chieftan inspection chamber 1830 x 1675 x 1390
    The Althon Range of Chieftan Precast Inspection Chambers has been designed to make installation on-site as straightforward as possible. Each inspection chamber comes in two halves with a reinforced cover slab. The units are...
  • Livingreen Design: Stack Planters (Exterior)
    Stack Planters (Exterior)
    Livingreen Design
    Original layered geometric design on elegant tapered flutes: suitable for both outdoor and interior planting solutions; ultra lightweight but as strong as steel; fully frostproof and UV stable; completely watertight but can...
  • Jupiter Play: Natura Single Seat Zip Line XVHX001
    Natura Single Seat Zip Line XVHX001
    Jupiter Play
    Moving equipment is a key addition to a leisure area for pre-teens and adolescents. Young people can challenge them as well as competing against each other. Gliding is a key play sensation that is not felt in a greater way...
  • All Urban: Ashley Ashtray By FinBin
    Ashley Ashtray By FinBin
    All Urban
    The Ashley ashtray belongs to the Finbin® Litter Bin Series and is a cigarette disposal unit designed to take care of the environment in outdoor smoking areas. The design is both elegant and functional, easy to use and...
  • Schoolscapes: Inclusive Wheelchair Swing
    Inclusive Wheelchair Swing
    Make your playground more inclusive by installing this Wheelchair Swing! What could be more wonderful than enabling a wheelchair user to fly effortlessly and weightlessly through the sky? Allow all children to experience the...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 5003 Rectangular stainless steel bollard
    ASF 5003 Rectangular stainless steel bollard
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    Manufacured in stainless steel from recycled sources Available in grade 304 and grade 316 Available in a range of dimensions UK Manufacture Can have inner heavy duty steel section added to increase ram raid resistance BIM...
  • Percussion Play: Ensemble - Alto Quartet
    Ensemble - Alto Quartet
    Percussion Play
    The Alto Quartet Ensemble is the next step up from the Soprano Quartet Ensemble and is ideal situations with more space to play with and a little more budget: duo Cupla (offering both aluminium and fibreglass notes); 3...
  • Steintec: tufffix high-performance paving repair mortar
    tufffix high-performance paving repair mortar
    tufffix can rejuvenate old paving giving it a new lease of life and alleviating the need to fully lift and re-lay. Old paving, often laid on sand/cement, which has cracked and broken joints and rocking pavers can be...