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  • All Urban: LAB.SP.001 Tree Grille By LAB23
    LAB.SP.001 Tree Grille By LAB23
    All Urban
    The tree grilles LAB SP are made in steel. Different patterns and dimensions are available with the laser-cut. The smaller tree grilles, LAB SP. 735 mm, are made of 4 elements: two shaping the grille and two shaping the...
  • Environmental Street Furniture: Radium outdoor litter bin
    Radium outdoor litter bin
    Environmental Street Furniture
    The Radium litter bin has a geometrically-styled body with rounded edges and bent steel sheet. The supporting ring contains an inserted box for the inner bin: galvanised steel supporting frame; powder coated; forward opening...
  • Harrowden Turf: MeadowMat low fertility soil
    MeadowMat low fertility soil
    Harrowden Turf
    MeadowMat low fertility soil is a specially blended growing medium created specifically for use with wild flower turf and seed. Independent soil scientists have described Meadowmat low nutrient soil as: texture of loamy...
  • All Urban: waterdrop sculptured bench by moveart
    waterdrop sculptured bench by moveart
    All Urban
    «waterdrop» thanks to its non-uniform backrest, offers users the opportunity to relax the back and the posterior. The playful shape, which is evocative of a wave, is ideal for incorporating into new or existing residential...
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe paradiso Lupo spring rocker
    eibe paradiso Lupo spring rocker
    eibe Play Ltd
    Our Lupo animal spring rocker is lovingly hand-crafted from robinia wood and is a playground favourite. Item code: 54511605306
  • CTS Bridges: Steel and timber bridges
    Steel and timber bridges
    CTS Bridges
    CTS steel and timber bridges are one of their most versatile and cost effective options. They are ideal for bridge spans from 10-30m: cambered or flat; galvanised, painted or fitted with a timber fascia to give the...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Free-standing trough slides
    Free-standing trough slides
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Stainless steel trough slides - age 4 and up depending on slide height supporting spine removes need for support legs; solid steel trough for steps with ‘Tredsafe' textured step covers; heavyweight, easy to install...
  • Jupiter Play: Cubic Inox Wagon A10-IN
    Cubic Inox Wagon A10-IN
    Jupiter Play
    This standing See-Saw in a new way of play, and would not be out of play in any urban landscape since the materials and their finish denote strength and resistance, while maintaining at the same time, elegant forms.
  • Furnitubes International: Lapa wall-top seating
    Lapa wall-top seating
    Furnitubes International
    The simple and economical Lapa wall-top seating is available in 3 basic forms - a short depth bench, standard depth bench, and as a seat with backrest for additional comfort - each in 3 lengths and all with the option of...
  • Furnitubes International: Horizon picnic benches & table
    Horizon picnic benches & table
    Furnitubes International
    The Horizon picnic bench and table range introduces the characteristic aerofoil end profile of the Horizon collection, together with timbers arranged in a choice of either side-to-side or front-to-back orientation, to...
  • Alpha Rail: Humber vertical bar steel fencing
    Humber vertical bar steel fencing
    Alpha Rail
    The Humber is a very eye catching addition to our vertical bar range, as it features a spherical top finial on square posts, and round infills. The Humber is perfect for adding that extra detailing to enhance street...
  • Germinal Amenity: G5 Booster outfield granular spring/summer fertiliser
    G5 Booster outfield granular spring/summer fertiliser
    Germinal Amenity
    G5 Booster is a balanced fertiliser to benefit and promote immediate healthy growth of all sports field and amenity grassed areas: balance of supply of all three major nutrients; quick greening effect; promotes strong...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF square removable bollard
    ASF square removable bollard
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    Manufactured in 275 carbon steel from recycled sources Finished galvanised and can be PPC to any RAL or BS colour Also available in circular section BIM OBJECTS AVAILABLE
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Toddler cradle swing with metal posts, J3960
    Toddler cradle swing with metal posts, J3960
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    The J3960 toddler cradle swing is suitable for ages 1-3.
  • Jacksons Fencing: TriGuard cantilever sliding gate
    TriGuard cantilever sliding gate
    Jacksons Fencing
    TriGuard Cantilever Sliding Gates are suitable for applications where there is restricted space, the ground unlevel, or where a substantial single gate would provide higher levels of security. Smooth and virtually silent in...