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  • Hydro International: Hydro-Brake Optimum vortex flow control
    Hydro-Brake Optimum vortex flow control
    Hydro International
    Hydro-Brake® Optimum is a self-activating vortex flow control with no moving parts and no power requirement. It is used to control the forward flow of water in both surface water applications and foul / combined...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Columbus Canopy
    Columbus Canopy
    Bailey Streetscene
    Including an integral gutter system to provide a streamlined and efficient canopy system, the Columbus Canopy is available as a surface mounted or sub-surface fixed canopy. Constructed with a mild steel frame, hot dipped...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 4-way springie
    4-way springie
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Robust and low maintenance, this sit-in springer for 2 to 5 year olds allows children to play in groups of between 2 and 4. For safety, springers require a soft surface below them. Spring-based play equipment stimulates...
  • SAiGE Longlife Decking: Composite fencing systems
    Composite fencing systems
    SAiGE Longlife Decking
    Composite fencing systems from SAiGE are versatile, low-maintenance and durable solutions that can be used to create fences in various heights and styles. Tested to withstand Gale Force 9 winds, the fences can be sunk into...
  • Phi Group: Titan Block retaining wall system
    Titan Block retaining wall system
    Phi Group
    Titan Block is a BBA accredited retaining wall system. It offers a cost-effective solution to earth retention requirements: split or weathered finishes give the appearance of natural stone in a variety of colours with heavy...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: RhinoGuard® Igneo protective seat - PAS 68
    RhinoGuard® Igneo protective seat - PAS 68
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    Igneo is a system of modular seating that is individual in style, while providing PAS 68 impact performance. It can be specified in any length, using any number of modules. It is manufactured from fibre-reinforced precast...
  • Omos: s45 galvanised steel litter bin
    s45 galvanised steel litter bin
    The s45 litter bin is stylish and durable. Its body has been sized and shaped to optimise capacity versus footprint. The s45 litter bin is manufactured from hot dipped galvanized steel throughout with a powder coated finish.
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Simple 550 Cube granite bollard
    Simple 550 Cube granite bollard
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The Simple 550 is an angular stone bollard is made from strong, hard-wearing granite. It is suitable for vehicle and pedestrian route demarcation in range of urban environments and can be co-ordinated with other products...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Newcastle Ferrocast polyurethane bollar
    Newcastle Ferrocast polyurethane bollar
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    Newcastle Ferrocast bollard is designed to provide effective landscape segregation for pedestrians and vehicles, and to increase perimeter protection: polyurethane cast with high-strength steel core; non-ferrous coating for...
  • Ecochoice: OrganoWood® Swedish fossilised pine timber decking
    OrganoWood® Swedish fossilised pine timber decking
    OrganoWood® decking is naturally durable and fire-resistant. Made from high grade, naturally coloured Swedish pine, it weathers to a natural silvery grey colour. Harder than conventionally treated pine decking, it is...
  • Timberplay: Hut Combination 32
    Hut Combination 32
    1.5m-high Hut Combination with slide and platform. 1x 3.13100 platform hut 1x 3.19210 stainless steel slide with ground anchor attachment
  • Marshalls: Proteus - black granite paving
    Proteus - black granite paving
    Proteus is a striking black granite. Proteus paving is produced in flamed and fine picked finishes for use in pedestrian or vehicular trafficked areas. Proteus Granite is available for complementary products including setts,...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Barana cast stone bench
    Barana cast stone bench
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    Barana is a reinforced cast stone element with a flat texture and a simple geometry. The most striking feature of this product is its versatility of uses and possibilities, facilitating its integration into the landscape,...
  • NBB Recycled Furniture: 100% Recycled Plastic Recliner Chair and Footstool
    100% Recycled Plastic Recliner Chair and Footstool
    NBB Recycled Furniture
    This Adirondack-style recycled plastic recliner chair is designed for relaxation and is ideal for the summer months: manufactured from 100% recycled plastic; will not rot, crack or splinter; strong, durable and...
  • Furnitubes International: Horizon curved seat
    Horizon curved seat
    Furnitubes International
    The Horizon curved seats are supplied with either an internal or external backrest for inward / outward facing aspects respectively. These curved outdoor seats can be used independently, in pairs, or combined together to...