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  • Woodscape: Hardwood timber civic signs
    Hardwood timber civic signs
    Woodscape outdoor signs, manufactured in Naturally Very Durable Hardwood, are offered in a range of standard designs or can be created to suit individual requirements. Routed lettering, diagrams or logos can be infilled in a...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: RhinoGuard® Saturno protective planter
    RhinoGuard® Saturno protective planter
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    The RhinoGuard® Saturno protective planter provides a functional Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solution that doesn't compromise on the aesthetics of a landscaping project. Available in precious stone or concrete in a range of...
  • Candela Light: Borough LED street lighting
    Borough LED street lighting
    Candela Light
    The Borough LED lantern has a very robust design and provides excellent street lighting performance: local Authority adoptable; various lens options to reduce light pollution and skyglow, while providing a variety of...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Cub bench
    Mago - Cub bench
    Public Spaces
    Mago - Cub benches are characterised by their pure and basic forms. Their neutrality makes them suitable for several functions apart from seating, such as limiting or arranging the surrounding areas: colours: White, Grey,...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Fu Cigarette Bin
    Fu Cigarette Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Fu Cigarette Bin is made of a three segments welded together, and the liner itself, in 89mm stainless steel tube. The liner is equipped with an ashtray plate and, thanks to the triangular key opening, can easily be...
  • Jupiter Play: Hammock Swing 909222200R
    Hammock Swing 909222200R
    Jupiter Play
    The hammock is friendly, inviting and designed for use as a relaxing area for all children. Children can swing each other, chat or lie together whilst a parent or carer swings them. This item can be part of a seating area...
  • Langley Design Street Furniture: Malford Fixed Bollard in Galvanised Steel - MBD203
    Malford Fixed Bollard in Galvanised Steel - MBD203
    Langley Design Street Furniture
    The Malford Bollard MBD203 is a larger diameter fixed bollard solution which can be supplied in a variety of fixing methods; surface mount, below finished grade or direct embedment to suit specific site requirements. The...
  • Groundtrax Systems: IsoTrack H Heavy-Duty Ground Protection mat
    IsoTrack H Heavy-Duty Ground Protection mat
    Groundtrax Systems
    The Isotrack H series is a heavy duty temporary access mat that provides safe work areas over soft ground conditions and hard surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of applications and easy to install. Our IsoTrack panels are...
  • Streetlife: Free Form Tree Isles
    Free Form Tree Isles
    Many shapes can be created with the Tree Isles System. In order to integrate an Rough&Ready border seat, a diameter of at least three metres is required. Based on a sketch with main dimensions, our advisors will gladly...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 6018 stainless steel/mild steel and timber bench
    ASF 6018 stainless steel/mild steel and timber bench
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    ASF 6018 seating frames are manufactured in steel or stainless steel from recycled sources. Timber from non tropical, non endangered hardwood; FSC if required. Finished to any spec.
  • Furnitubes International: Elements® Seat & Bench - Goalpost
    Elements® Seat & Bench - Goalpost
    Furnitubes International
    The Elements Goalpost steel and timber seating range is a innovative approach to public realm furniture which allows you to be in control of the design to a style and budget to suit most schemes. The range is based around a...
  • Marshalls - landscape protection: Service Yard steel bollard with reflective tape
    Service Yard steel bollard with reflective tape
    Marshalls - landscape protection
    Marshall's Service Yard bollard provides perimeter protection, demarcation and enhanced security for industrial and commercial sites, including loading bays, storage tanks and substations. It is desigend to protect against...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 8002 cycle rack
    ASF 8002 cycle rack
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    The ASF 8002 cycle rack is manufactured in either grade 316 or grade 304 stainless steel from recycled sources. A logo can be laser cut, etched or vinyl mounted onto back plate. BIM OBJECTS AVAILABLE
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Woodland square hardwood planter
    Woodland square hardwood planter
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Woodland wooden planter has a strong and rigid construction making it ideal for use in public areas such as town centres where permanent ground planting is unsuitable. Galvanised steel sections inside the planter add...
  • All Urban: Fluxus Totem By LAB23
    Fluxus Totem By LAB23
    All Urban
    The structure is made in steel sheet 30/10 thickness. Over the entire height of the structure there is a fold (mm 30×20) for the fixing of the board and for support of the legs. The board, with dimensions mm 1543 x h 1050,...