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  • Signscape AND Signconex: Waypoint modern aluminium Fingerpost System
    Waypoint modern aluminium Fingerpost System
    Signscape AND Signconex
    The WayPoint modular fingerpost system has a premium and contemporary style with a robust design which sits in harmony with the slender and minimalist style of modern street furniture. The Waypoint fingerpost has seamless...
  • Round Wood of Mayfield: Buxus Planter Fibreglass / Troughs / Boxes / Cylinders
    Buxus Planter Fibreglass / Troughs / Boxes / Cylinders
    Round Wood of Mayfield
    lightweight Fibreglass Material; frost Resistant; available in a range of sizes; troughs, Boxes. cylinders and more available; colour Black/Grey (RAL7021) - Other colours available; large orders can be produced from any RAL...
  • GreenBlue Urban Ltd: Aeration Manifold
    Aeration Manifold
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd
    Aeration Manifold is designed to facilitate the aeration of tree roots within a tree pit system. It is used in conjunction with ArborVent 150 and the RootSpace soil support system and allows greater flexibility to locate...
  • Schoolscapes: Treetops Three Climber
    Treetops Three Climber
    Designed for pupils age 7+ Treetops Three enables schools to provide opportunities for both unstructured, active play, as well as a base for more structured activities. This Play Unit has a timber deck with multiple access...
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Loci cycle stand
    Loci cycle stand
    Marshalls - street furniture
    With ever increasing fuel costs and concern for the environment high on the agenda, cycling to work or university has never been more popular. The shape of the cycle stand clearly echoes both the form of the seating frame...
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe Belavista unit
    eibe Belavista unit
    eibe Play Ltd
    9x post construction: Pressure Impregnated Pine, Galvanised Steel or Powdercoated Steel 9x post shoe: galvanised steel 2x adapter: SW 3x platform construction: SW 1x slide entry plate: HPL 2x wall panel: HPL 3x wall panel...
  • AUTOPA Limited: Delaval Polyurethane Bollard
    Delaval Polyurethane Bollard
    AUTOPA Limited
    Traditional and sturdy in design, the Delaval Polyurethane Bollard provides a simple, yet elegant, parking and access control solution. Polyurethane bollards are a modern material easily castable as a direct replacement for...
  • Pomery Natural Stone: Black granite paving flags
    Black granite paving flags
    Pomery Natural Stone
    Pomery Natural Stone Ltd supplies black granite paving flags. Materials are made to order primarily for public projects, although private projects are also carried out. Paving thickness for pedestrian areas is typically 50mm...
  • Livingreen Design: Monaco Pedestals
    Monaco Pedestals
    Livingreen Design
    Monaco pedestals have a modern design and are used with bowls or vases to provide floral and plant displays. For temporary display work specify as lightweight for ease of carrying. For permanent/semi permanent displays...
  • Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control: Silt-Stop 70SF woven polypropylene silt fence
    Silt-Stop 70SF woven polypropylene silt fence
    Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control
    A silt fence, sometimes called a “filter fence,” is a temporary sediment control device used on construction sites to protect water quality in nearby streams, rivers, lakes and seas from sediment (loose soil) in stormwater...
  • Johnsons Sports Seeds: J Rye Fairway for fairways, tees and cricket outfields
    J Rye Fairway for fairways, tees and cricket outfields
    Johnsons Sports Seeds
    J Rye Fairway is suitable for golf tees, fairways, driving ranges and cricket outfields (with ryegrass), and has been specifically designed for renovating high traffic fairways: 15% - Chardin perennial ryegrass; 15% - Fabian...
  • All Urban: Marilyn Table By LAB23
    Marilyn Table By LAB23
    All Urban
    Designer: GIBILLERO Design Marilyn table is designed for open spaces and private gardens and features a lightweight composition. The wooden slats of the plan are contained in a thin steel structure that closes laterally with...
  • Kinley : Perimeta Tree Cube stainless steel tree planter
    Perimeta Tree Cube stainless steel tree planter
    Perimeta stainless steel Tree Cubes are high quality, portable planters that can be incorporated with polyethylene liners and tree irrigation systems. They are supplied flat-packed to reduce shipping costs. Once planted,...
  • Frontier Pitts: LPS1175 Platinum bi-folding gate, SR2 & SR3. SBD
    LPS1175 Platinum bi-folding gate, SR2 & SR3. SBD
    Frontier Pitts
    The LPS 1175 SR2 & SR3 Platinum bi-folding gate is a fast-acting security gate that is ideal for sites where there is a limited area for the gate to open and close. The gate has successfully withstood forcible attack to...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Gullwing seesaw
    Gullwing seesaw
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Robust and low maintenance seesaw for 5 years and above, with raised wing-design seating. For safety, seesaws usually require a soft surface below them, but with our range of seesaws incorporating safety features we have a...