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  • AUTOPA Limited: VELOPA Buckby Cycle Stand
    VELOPA Buckby Cycle Stand
    AUTOPA Limited
    The VELOPA Buckby Cycle Stand is a shaped tubular cycle stand. The design allows the frame of the bicycle to be secured by the users own security lock. The Buckby Cycle Stand is suitable for securing two bicycles. The Buckby...
  • Quercus UK: Oak fence panels
    Oak fence panels
    Quercus UK
    Quercus manufactures woven hardwood fencing that has a stylish, environmentally-responsible and sustainable design. Panels are functional and suitable for use in highly exposed locations. Designs are flexible and modular,...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    Rough&Ready Curve Benches
    The Rough&Ready Curve Benches from the Streetlife Street Furniture Collection are sturdy and robust. The benches' supports are open and have a rectangular shape. Due to the modular elements, the benches can be linked...
  • A & D Sutherland: Caithness Flagstone paving for external applications
    Caithness Flagstone paving for external applications
    A & D Sutherland
    Caithness Flagstone external paving is a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, natural stone flag. With high compressive strength, impermeability and a naturally formed anti-slip surface, Caithness Flagstone paving is well...
  • Omos: s57 stainless steel tree planter with timber bench
    s57 stainless steel tree planter with timber bench
    The s57 consists of a 316 grade stainless steel planter on a galvanised plinth. The planter is available with or without seating. Seating is formed by hardwood laths on two sides of the planter, or by a bench around the top...
  • Metsä Wood UK: Softwood decking boards
    Softwood decking boards
    Metsä Wood UK
    Metsä Wood softwood decking is machined from high-quality joinery-grade timber to ensure a high-quality finish and a longer product life. Two types of deck board are offered: grooved reversible deck board - grooved on both...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperSafepave™
    Aggregate Industries
    The material is laid by speciality pavers with a bond-coat spray bar attached in the front of auger. The integrated spray bar allows a very thick film of polymer modified bond-coat to be applied to the in-situ asphalt...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperColour® Ultra
    SuperColour® Ultra
    Aggregate Industries
    A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that use a translucent penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder. The special binder is readily pigmented and provides a wide range of asphalt colours. Please contact our...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperBase™
    Aggregate Industries
    This product is a specifically engineered asphalt concrete 14mm binder course mixture designed to fill the gap within the range of binder course materials described in EN/UK asphalt standards: suitable for use in either low...
  • Aggregate Industries: Sportag®
    Aggregate Industries
    Due to the rounded shape and material properties, Sportag gives excellent hydraulic conductivity and is used in the construction of golf courses including slit trenches, gravel banding and Shelton Systems. Sportag on sports...
  • Omos: s21 galvanised steel/aluminium tree planter
    s21 galvanised steel/aluminium tree planter
    The s21 is a modular tree planter in galvanized mild steel or aluminium with a powder coated finish. The planter is constructed on site by bolting panels together. Smaller sizes are factory constructed. Options: custom sizes...
  • Omos: s39 galvanised steel and timber tree planter
    s39 galvanised steel and timber tree planter
    The s39 tree planter comprises a galvanised steel box clad with iroko timber. It has a top rim in 316 grade stainless steel. Options: unfinished timber or micro porous stain; wood rim instead of stainless steel (570 high...
  • Omos: s72 steel and timber litter bin
    s72 steel and timber litter bin
    The s72 litter bin is designed to sit comfortably within a natural environment. Its scale and materials make it ideal for use in parks and courtyard gardens as well as golf courses and other such applications. The bin...
  • AUTOPA Limited: AUTOPA Fixed Height Restrictor
    AUTOPA Fixed Height Restrictor
    AUTOPA Limited
    AUTOPA's Fixed Height Restrictor is designed to restrict access to high-sided vehicles such as HGVs and caravans. These restrictors are particularly useful where further height restrictions within the site may cause...
  • AUTOPA Limited: VELOPA Cantilever Cycle Shelter
    VELOPA Cantilever Cycle Shelter
    AUTOPA Limited
    The Cantilever Cycle Shelter is an extremely robust and classically designed, free-standing, single sided cycle shelter designed for on site assembly, constructed from galvanised steel tube with a galvanised or plastisol...