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  • Avon Barrier : SG1100CR high-security, impact-resistant sliding gate
    SG1100CR high-security, impact-resistant sliding gate
    Avon Barrier
    The SG1100CR impact-resistant sliding gate provides a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access. Designed to withstand substantial direct impact forces, the gate protects sites from extreme aggressive...
  • Westminster Stone: Yorkshire Street Flagstones
    Yorkshire Street Flagstones
    Westminster Stone
    Yorkshire Street reproduction handmade flagstones are suitable for internal or external use. They recreate the appearance of traditional building stone showing signs of having been machined, water-marked and footworn in...
  • Westminster Stone: Reproduction Yorkstone Flagstones
    Reproduction Yorkstone Flagstones
    Westminster Stone
    Yorkstone flags are crafted from hand-selected flagstone masters. They recreate the authentic appearance of newly quarried Yorkstone paving. They retain the texture and character of the original surfaces, showing signs of...
  • TOPSOIL - a division of British Sugar: Landscape20 multi-purpose topsoil
    Landscape20 multi-purpose topsoil
    TOPSOIL - a division of British Sugar
    Landscape20 multi-purpose topsoil is suitable for landscaping and sports field construction projects and has been continually developed over the past decade. Due to the stringent, fully-audited standards rigorously...
  • Gwyn Carless Designs: GCG5 bollard light
    GCG5 bollard light
    Gwyn Carless Designs
    The GCG5 bollard light has elegant simple lines, and features a laminated float glass, giving it a distinctive lighting effect. It is manufatured to high quality standards, and is suitable for both interior and exterior...
  • Sewaco: SENATE 200 UK meter box system
    SENATE 200 UK meter box system
    Key features and benefits of Sewaco's SENATE 200 UK meter box system: simple, low-cost design; 200mm diameter guard tube of variable length between 500 and 1000mm to suit application; optional MBS top hat gives simple height...
  • Formpave: Royal Forest™ edging
    Royal Forest™ edging
    Royal Forest edging is a substantial, all-purpose edge restraint that can either be laid flush with block paving or as an upstand. It is quicker and easier to lay than conventional kerb units.
  • Formpave: Aquasett® permeable paving blocks
    Aquasett® permeable paving blocks
    Aquasett®permeable paving blocks can be used in conjunction with either tanked or infiltration systems. They are suitable for use on footpaths, domestic drives and roads (80mm). The range of colours and the olden finish make...
  • Formpave: Aquaflow ML® permeable paving blocks
    Aquaflow ML® permeable paving blocks
    Aquaflow ML® permeable block paving is ideal for roads and heavy-duty applications. It can be laid by hand or machine. Aquaflow ML® paving consists of an interlocking block with a top, bottom and edge block with a 80mm...
  • Formpave: Aquaslab® permeable paving
    Aquaslab® permeable paving
    Aquaslab®permeable paving is designed for use on non-trafficked pedestrian areas. It can be used in conjunction with either tanked or infiltration systems. Aquaslab® provides drainage through vertical channels and will allow...
  • Formpave: Royal Forest ML45™ machine-layable block paving
    Royal Forest ML45™ machine-layable block paving
    Royal Forest ML 45 rectangular blocks are ideal for the machine laying process. The blocks are supplied in a 45° herringbone pattern and are available in a range of colours. Royal Forest ML 45 is delivered in pallets with 64...
  • DW Windsor: Ely heritage urban luminaire
    Ely heritage urban luminaire
    DW Windsor
    The Ely urban luminaire is based on the Strand luminare but has a more classic, traditional aesthetic. It features a Diamond Optic® reflector system that reduces light pollution and allows for increased column spacings. It...
  • Harrowden Turf: MeadowMat wildflower matting
    MeadowMat wildflower matting
    Harrowden Turf
    MeadowMat wildflower matting overcomes the difficulties frequently encountered when trying to establish native wildflowers from seed. Grown on a lightweight matting system, MeadowMat contains 34 species of native flowering...
  • Westminster Stone: National Trust  Hidcote flagstone
    National Trust Hidcote flagstone
    Westminster Stone
    Hidcote slabs have been reproduced from authentic Cotswold flagstones to create a rich, open-textured weathered paving full of the character and tradition of Hidcote Manor. Suitable for informal, traditional gardens the soft...
  • Westminster Stone: National Trust Tatton Cobbles
    National Trust Tatton Cobbles
    Westminster Stone
    National Trust Tatton Cobble is part of the Country House range and complements the range's Petworth Flagstones. Perfect for paths, paving features and courtyards.