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  • Cassidy Brothers: Concrete planters and benches - Canary Wharf, London
    Concrete planters and benches - Canary Wharf, London
    Cassidy Brothers
    A unique furniture system was designed for the perimeter boundary of a public park in Canary Wharf, London. The park had a requirement to be aesthetically-pleasing in an urban space as it had been recently excavated, but...
  • Avon Barrier : SG1100CR high-security, impact-resistant sliding gate
    SG1100CR high-security, impact-resistant sliding gate
    Avon Barrier
    The SG1100CR impact-resistant sliding gate provides a high level of security against unauthorised vehicle access. Designed to withstand substantial direct impact forces, the gate protects sites from extreme aggressive...
  • Westminster Stone: Yorkshire Street Flagstones
    Yorkshire Street Flagstones
    Westminster Stone
    Old Yorkshire Street reproduction reclaimed flagstones are suitable for internal or external use. They recreate the appearance of the traditional building stone that characterises historical architecture retaining the...
  • Westminster Stone: Reproduction Yorkstone Flagstones
    Reproduction Yorkstone Flagstones
    Westminster Stone
    Yorkstone flags are crafted from hand-selected flagstone masters. They recreate the authentic appearance of newly quarried Yorkstone paving. They retain the texture and character of the original surfaces, showing signs of...
  • TOPSOIL - a division of British Sugar: Landscape20 multi-purpose topsoil
    Landscape20 multi-purpose topsoil
    TOPSOIL - a division of British Sugar
    Landscape20 multi-purpose topsoil is suitable for landscaping and sports field construction projects and has been continually developed over the past decade. Due to the stringent, fully-audited standards rigorously...
  • Gwyn Carless Designs: GCG5 bollard light
    GCG5 bollard light
    Gwyn Carless Designs
    The GCG5 bollard light has elegant simple lines, and features a laminated float glass, giving it a distinctive lighting effect. It is manufatured to high quality standards, and is suitable for both interior and exterior...
  • Lovell Stone Group: Purbeck setts and cobbles
    Purbeck setts and cobbles
    Lovell Stone Group
    Purbeck setts are available in any size to special order. Paving, kerbs and ancillaries are also available. Finishes include sawn, bush-hammered, riven, shot-blasted and flame textured. Natural Purbeck Stone from the Isle of...
  • Alansons Industries: Aro-seal 1101 hybrid polymer sealant
    Aro-seal 1101 hybrid polymer sealant
    Alansons Industries
    Aro-Seal 1101 is a one component, solvent and water free, elastic construction adhesive based on hybrid polymers. Aro-Seal 1101 can be used for bonding and sealing a wide range of substrates in both structural and...
  • Double Parking Systems: MultiBase 2072i stack parking system
    MultiBase 2072i stack parking system
    Double Parking Systems
    The MultiBase 2072i stack parking system is extremely convenient and comfortable to use. With an offset steel pillar, it allows vehicle doors to be opened widely, thus facilitating easy access to the inside of the vehicle.
  • Leander Architectural: Estate equipment and signage
    Estate equipment and signage
    Leander Architectural
    For 80 years now, Leander Architectural have been supplying the National Trust with signs for their many estates. Most familiar are the silver and black “Omegas” which greet visitors, but we also make many site specific...
  • Hauraton: FASERFIX®SUPER linear drainage system
    FASERFIX®SUPER linear drainage system
    FASERFIX®SUPER linear drainage for extreme loads and high dynamic forces: channels are manufactured from a fibre reinforced concrete which makes them extremely strong; SIDE-LOCK grating system gives ease of installation...
  • Hauraton: RECYFIX® Plus drainage channel
    RECYFIX® Plus drainage channel
    RECYFIX PLUS drainage channels are made from 100% recycled materials and can be used on trafficked surfaces up to D400. Channels comes in widths of 100 to 300mm and depths of 60 to 290mm. They are 1000mm long. Benefits to...
  • Hauraton: RECYFIX® Standard linear drainage
    RECYFIX® Standard linear drainage
    RECYFIX Standard drainage channels are suitable for domestic applications and car parking areas up to D400. They come in widths from 100 to 300mm and depths from 153 to 416mm. Benefits to specifiers Design services help in...
  • Hauraton: SPORTFIX® channels
    SPORTFIX® channels
    SPORTFIX channels provide efficient drainage for sports tracks. They are made from RECYFIX recycled plastic and come with a variety of covers for use with different applications. Benefits to specifiers Design services help...
  • Hauraton: SPORTFIX® soft kerbs
    SPORTFIX® soft kerbs
    Sand pit bordering SPORTFIX® Soft kerbs for lining the edge of jump pits, sand pits as well as for the outer edge or running tracks; rubber padding protects athletes and children from injuries; available in heights from 200...