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  • Street Design: Diplomat rectangular timber planters
    Diplomat rectangular timber planters
    Street Design
    The Diplomat is a budget rectangular planter that is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is can be used on roof gardens, as abarrier planter, and for raised planting beds. It has a vertical, 95x45mm timber-slatted...
  • IOTA: Boulevard DELTA CARAT FRC and steel trough planters
    Boulevard DELTA CARAT FRC and steel trough planters
    Boulevard DELTA CARAT trough planters are manufactured from a proprietary, patent-protected form of fibre reinforced cement (FRC), set within a stainless steel framing system. They have an exceptional strength-to-weight...
  • Street Design: Planters for green roof gardens
    Planters for green roof gardens
    Street Design
    Street Design produces a range of traditional and contemporary roof garden planters in FSC treated softwood, FSC iroko hardwood, and galvanised steel. They can be specified flat pack for ease of access, and with extra...
  • County Turf: Washed turf for grass sward as a clean uniform root mat
    Washed turf for grass sward as a clean uniform root mat
    County Turf
    Washed turf is available in all County Turf grades. The soil is carefully removed by a highly specialised washing plant to leave the grass sward as a clean uniform root mat. The soil-less turf enables rapid root development...
  • SSP. Specialised Sports Products: Portable sports surfaces
    Portable sports surfaces
    SSP. Specialised Sports Products
    SSP Ltd has developed a semi-permanent synthetic grass surface for sport and play. The system forms a surface that is heavy and durable enough for adult football games and skills training yet is dismountable for transport to...
  • Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage): Civil and geotechnical engineering
    Civil and geotechnical engineering
    Hugh Pearl (Land Drainage)
    For many years Hugh Pearl has provided specialist sub-contractor services to the civil engineering and geotechnical engineering sectors. Hugh Pearls staff and operatives have the skills and experience to carry out work...
  • Althon: GRC headwalls
    GRC headwalls
    The one-piece Althon GRC headwalls is supplied with stainless steel sockets for the attachment of gratings: opening to suit 150mm diameter pipes; knockout webs to enlarge to 225 and 300 diameter pipes. Glass-reinforced...
  • Ladybrook Nursery: Semi-mature deciduous trees
    Semi-mature deciduous trees
    Ladybrook Nursery
    Ladybrook Nursery supplies semi-mature deciduous trees grown as standards, feathered or multistem in containers of up to 500 litres. It also holds a large number of Quercus ilex, which is ideal for screening, as well as...
  • Ladybrook Nursery: Herbaceous perennials
    Herbaceous perennials
    Ladybrook Nursery
    Ladybrook Nursery supplies specimen-sized herbaceous perennials and grasses in 7.5 and 10 litre containers. Effective in show gardens and show homes, these plants mature quickly to create instant impact. Clients include...
  • County Turf: Lawnscape turf (without ryegrass)
    Lawnscape turf (without ryegrass)
    County Turf
    Lawnscape is a luxury turf for high-quality ornamental lawns and prestige landscaping. It is only suitable for use by experienced gardeners who are able to give it the specialist attention it needs to thrive. Lawnscape has a...
  • Amberol: Up-the-Pole self-watering plant basket
    Up-the-Pole self-watering plant basket
    Up-the-Pole baskets are easy to mount and can be secured to almost any pole, post or bollard. Self watering matting means the planters only need to be topped up with water twice a week. Baskets have a double-walled...
  • Fountains Direct: Floating fountains
    Floating fountains
    Fountains Direct
    Floating fountain kits are designed to provide dynamic focal points and to improve water quality in new and existing lakes and ponds. Suitable sites include golf courses, hotel grounds, sports clubs, parks, small landscaped...
  • Althon: Headwalls for pipework discharging into open waters
    Headwalls for pipework discharging into open waters
    Headwalls are a cost-effective alternative to in-situ structures for connecting pipework discharging into open watercourses. They are suitable for discharging into open watercourses, such as swales, ditches, ponds and...
  • CTS Bridges: Bow string arch steel truss bridges
    Bow string arch steel truss bridges
    CTS Bridges
    Bow string steel truss bridges have an elegant appearance with an arch formation, and can add to a landscape, providing a visual landmark. They imitate many of the attributes of tied arch bridges. These bridges have a simple...
  • CTS Bridges: Cable stay steel bridges
    Cable stay steel bridges
    CTS Bridges
    Cable stay steel bridges offer a distinctive, striking design against any skyline. They are typically used for spans of over 50m in length, which can be achieved with one or two towers. The bridge deck is supported at...