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  • URBASTYLE®: No Bend architectural cast stone seat
    No Bend architectural cast stone seat
    The No Bend architectural seat is manufactured from cast stone. Design by: Roel Vandebeek (BE) Size & Weight: 50/50/42cm - 255kg Anchoring: 1 shelf M12 Finishing: micro etched; polished; velvet.
  • Althon: Chieftan inspection chamber 1830 x 1375 x 1390
    Chieftan inspection chamber 1830 x 1375 x 1390
    The Althon Range of Chieftan Precast Inspection Chambers has been designed to make installation on-site as straightforward as possible. Each inspection chamber comes in two halves with a reinforced cover slab. The units are...
  • Pot Company: Glazed Egg Pot
    Glazed Egg Pot
    Pot Company
    · Seven eye catching colours · Streaky, graduating quality to colours · No Minimum Order V5018.25 25cm x 25cm x 23cm 4kg V5018.31 31cm x 31cm x 28cm 8kg V5018.37 37cm x 37cm x 35cm 12kg V5018.45 45cm x 45cm x 43cm 20kg...
  • Furnitubes International: Fin Cycle Stand
    Fin Cycle Stand
    Furnitubes International
    The Fin cycle stand is a Furnitubes' original design - inspired by the profile of a shark's fin breaking the surface of the ocean. The distinctive Fin cycle stand is contemporary in design, and of robust construction to...
  • Livingreen Design: Greenscreen Industrial Privacy Screen
    Greenscreen Industrial Privacy Screen
    Livingreen Design
    Greenscreen industrial privacy screens are more robust and larger than Greenscreen garden screens. They can be used as environmental greenscreens in public spaces or as exterior dividing screens in office car parks. The...
  • Langley Design: Sheldon Table SPT318
    Sheldon Table SPT318
    Langley Design
    The Sheldon Table SPT318 is a stand alone economy option table that still retains a minimal modern visual appeal. The table combines with the Sheldon SBN332 benche to provide a complete street furniture solution. The simple...
  • Architectural Street Furnishings: ASF 336 Recycled Cast Iron Tree Grille
    ASF 336 Recycled Cast Iron Tree Grille
    Architectural Street Furnishings
    Manufactured in 100% recycled cast iron in our own on site, UK based foundry Also available in ductile iron
  • Omos: s57 stainless steel tree planter
    s57 stainless steel tree planter
    The s57 consists of a 316 grade stainless steel planter on a galvanised plinth. The planter is available with or without seating. Seating is formed by hardwood laths on two sides of the planter, or by a bench around the top...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Dorset Bench
    Dorset Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Dorset Bench is a simple yet versatile and durable design.Bailey Streetscene currently supply a wide variety of Hardwood and Softwood Timber benches. The Dorset bench manufactured from carefully selected treated Iroko...
  • Woodscape: Woodberry wall seat
    Woodberry wall seat
    The Woodberry wall seat is smart and simplistic in design. It is made from a hardwood that is naturally very durable, and is precision-engineered using a water-jet-cut manufacturing method for a premium finish. This seat...
  • ACO Water Management: ACO KerbDrain® combined kerb and drainage system
    ACO KerbDrain® combined kerb and drainage system
    ACO Water Management
    ACO KerbDrain is an award-winning combined kerb and drainage system that has been designed to form an integral part of modern sustainable surface water management solutions. It is the first combined kerb drainage system of...
  • Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Ornamental water lilies
    Ornamental water lilies
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes
    Aqualife grows a large collection of ornamental water lilies, available in 3 litre units, for nationwide delivery
  • ABG Geosynthetics: Claymat - geosynthetic clay liner (GCL)
    Claymat - geosynthetic clay liner (GCL)
    ABG Geosynthetics
    Claymat GCLs are used to provide liquid and gas barriers in a wide range of environmental and civil engineering applications where containment barriers are required. Claymat GCLs have many applications in landfill lining and...
  • All Urban: Santa & Cole Finisterre bollard
    Santa & Cole Finisterre bollard
    All Urban
    Simple and robust beacon with a triangular cross-section and slightly rounded edges for added safety, its functions are signal lighting and preventing vehicle access. With a height of 81 cm and a wide base it can also be...
  • M&M Timber: PlayGuard™ timber palisade fencing
    PlayGuard™ timber palisade fencing
    M&M Timber
    Manufactured by M & M Timber to meet the quality requirements of the play and leisure industry, PlayGuard™ timbers are ideal for creating innovative play areas. PlayGuard™ machined round and half round timbers are...
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