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  • Germinal Amenity: RE2 Lowland Meadow (MG9 Grassland) seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: WF3 General Purpose Neutral Soils seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE7 Acid Sub-Mountain Restoration seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE4 Lowland Limestone (CG2 Grassland) seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE9 Farmland Mixture (MG6 Grassland) wildflower seed
    Germinal Amenity: RE6 Upland Limestone (CG9 Grassland) seed mixture

    Germinal Amenity

    Germinal provides a range of grass seed products and services designed to meet the specific requirements of the amenity industry. It is the only grass seed company selling British-bred turf grasses direct to the end user. Clients include greenkeepers, groundsmen, landscape contractors, golf constructors, architects and agronomists. Germinal is the...
    Camp Road, Witham St Hughs, Lincoln, LN6 9QJ
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  • DLF Seeds: Pro Flora 4 Calcareous Soils wildflower seed
    DLF Seeds: Pro Flora 5 Wet Loamy Soils wildflower seed
    DLF Seeds: Pro Flora 6 Dry Loamy Soils wildflower seed
    DLF Seeds: Pro Flora 7 Hedgerow & Light Shade wildflower seed
    DLF Seeds: Pro Flora 8 Legacy wildflower seed
    DLF Seeds: Pro Flora 9 Heritage wildflower seed

    DLF Seeds

    In 2001, DLF Perryfields, now known as DLF Trifolium, was formed by the merger of DLF Trifolium (UK) and Perryfields Holdings Limited. DLF employs over 120 staff at three sites; the head office and amenity seed production site at Inkberrow, Worcestershire and agricultural sites at Lincoln and Leith. DLF Trifolium is the largest grass seed...
    Thorn Farm, Inkberrow, Worcester, WR7 4LJ
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  • Palmstead Nurseries: Container grown deciduous and evergreen shrubs
    Palmstead Nurseries: Specimen shrubs
    Palmstead Nurseries: Perennial plants
    Palmstead Nurseries: Trees for the landscape and amenity industry
    Palmstead Nurseries: St Leonards Gardens restoration and planting
    Palmstead Nurseries: Shrubs and planting, Battersea Park

    Palmstead Nurseries

    Established over 45 years, Palmstead Nurseries Ltd occupies a 53 hectare site near Wye in Kent. The company is one of the largest growers in the South of England, with annual production in excess of 1m containers and 200,000 field grown trees and shrubs. It has a one-hectare glass propagation unit. Palmstead is a wholesale supplier focused on the...
    Harville Road, Wye, Ashford, TN25 5EU
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  • Harrowden Turf: MeadowMat wildflower matting
    Harrowden Turf: Wildflowers brighten one of London's Royal Parks
    Harrowden Turf: Wildlife-Friendly Alternative Lawn in Back Garden
    Harrowden Turf: Meadowmat wildflowers installed in London's Royal Parks
    Harrowden Turf: Meadowmat for award winning garden society
    Harrowden Turf: Meadowmat in winning show garden at Gardening Scotland

    Harrowden Turf

    Harrowden Turf bought together four long standing and well known brands into one, and grows over 2,5000 acres of lawn turf, Sedum and Wildflower Meadows. In addition, the company grows EnviroMat sedum vegitation blankets for Green Roofing and MeadowMat Wilfdlower with Grasses, produced on a mature ready to roll out mat. Topsoil, Feeds, Seeds and...
    Colpmans Farm, Islip, Kettering, NN14 3LT
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  • Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Marginal aquatic plants
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Aquatic plants range
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Ornamental water lilies
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Water and marginal plant establishment at Langley Lakes
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Contract-grown aquatic plants
    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes: Deep water aquatic plants

    Aqualife Water Plants & Landscapes

    Aqualife is an aquatic nursery based in Cheshire specialising in the production of high-quality water plants and aquatic landscaping. Plants are delivered nationwide to a variety of customers, including garden designers, local authorities, landscape contractors, architects, developers, water plant retailers and private customers, for the creation...
    Lostock Nursery, Lostock Hall Road, Poynton, SK12 1DP
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  • Dingle Nurseries: Field-grown trees
    Dingle Nurseries: Container-grown shrubs
    Dingle Nurseries: Trees / shrubs, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol
    Dingle Nurseries: Trees / shrubs, Breme Park housing development

    Dingle Nurseries

    Established in 1968, Dingle Nurseries now extends to around 160 acres, growing a full range of high quality plants for the amenity and wholesale nursery market. Located just outside Welshpool, 130 acres are dedicated to open-ground production. An additional 30 acres are used for container-grown stock, of which 18 acres are used for shrubs and 12...
    Frochas, Welshpool, SY21 9JD
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  • Lindum Turf: Lindum Wildflower turf

    Lindum Turf

    Lindum has been growing turf for more than 25 years on stone-free sandy loam soils. The company produces several grades of turf to suit a wide range of uses including: landscaping; sports; architecture and design; erosion control. All turf grades can be supplied in standard or large rolls, as washed or thick rootzone turf. Lindum has also...
    West Grange, Thorganby, York, YO19 6DJ
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  • Lorenz von Ehren: Rhododendrons
    Lorenz von Ehren: Perennial plants
    Lorenz von Ehren: Topiary trees
    Lorenz von Ehren: Conifers
    Lorenz von Ehren: Deciduous trees and shrubs
    Lorenz von Ehren: Fruit trees

    Lorenz von Ehren

    Established in 1865, Lorenz von Ehrens is founded on tradition and five generations of experience. The company is committed to the aim of fulfiling all customers requirements and needs through continuous innovation and development. Nurseries in Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn have over 600 hectares devoted to technologically advanced production of...
    Maldfeldstrasse 4, D-21077 Hamburg, Germany
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  • Practicality Brown: Screening trees
    Practicality Brown: Practical Instant Hedge™
    Practicality Brown: Semi-mature trees
    Practicality Brown: Specimen topiary for focal points and structure
    Practicality Brown: Green Beech instant hedge (Fagus sylvatica)
    Practicality Brown: Specimen trees

    Practicality Brown

    Practicality Brown Ltd (PBL) is an innovative, class-leading organisation, with divisions operating in the Landscape and Forestry Sectors. Established in 1981, Practicality Brown are Instant Landscape Specialists with work varying from the supply of bespoke individual trees and hedges for private gardens to commercial forestry schemes and...
    Swan Road, Iver, SL0 9LA
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  • Phoenix Amenity Supplies: Create your own bespoke wildflower seed mixes
    Phoenix Amenity Supplies: WW1 Anniversary poppy and cornflower wildflower mix
    Phoenix Amenity Supplies: WW1 Anniversary common poppy seed
    Phoenix Amenity Supplies: PFS14 - 100% Butterfly Meadow wildflower mix
    Phoenix Amenity Supplies: PFS13 - 100% Bumblebee wildflower mix
    Phoenix Amenity Supplies: PFS9 - Country Meadow wildflower mix

    Phoenix Amenity Supplies

    Established in 2004, Phoenix Amenity Supplies is an independent supplier, offering a comprehensive range of landscaping products including: amenity grass seed mixtures; native wild flower seed mixtures; native wild flower plugs and wetland plants; fertilisers; chemicals; a range of ecological products and solutions; tree and shrub planting...
    The Bakery, Old Vicarage, Hanley Castle, WR8 0BJ
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  • BritishFlora: Aquatic and marginal plants
    BritishFlora: Wildflower plug plants
    BritishFlora: Grasses and sedges
    BritishFlora: Wildflower seed mixtures
    BritishFlora: Wildflower Jumbo Plugs 65cc
    BritishFlora: BFS13 Bumblebee Mix wildflowers


    BritishFlora has grown from a small family-run business to become a leading UK native flora producer. During this transition it has developed techniques and growing solutions that have allowed the production of native wildflowers and aquatics to be on commercial levels with uniform, dependable quality. Approximately five million plants are...
    The Bakery, The Old Vicarage, Haney Castle, Worcester, WR8 0BJ
    Phone: 01684 212027  Fax: 01684 578424  Visit website
  • James Coles (Nurseries): Field-grown trees
    James Coles (Nurseries): Container-grown trees
    James Coles (Nurseries): Contract growing
    James Coles (Nurseries): In-house propagation of container-grown plants
    James Coles (Nurseries): Training, seminars, and the National Plant Specification
    James Coles (Nurseries): Roses

    James Coles (Nurseries)

    Coles Nurseries is the largest grower of trees for the amenity landscape in the UK, producing one million field-grown trees and two million container plants. The company actively supports the promotion of tree planting by local authorities, landscapers and private individuals. Over 200 tree varieties are grown in sizes ranging from feathered to...
    The Nurseries, 624 Uppingham Road, Thurnby, Leicester, LE7 9QB
    Phone: 0116 241 2115  Fax: 0116 243 2311  Visit website
  • Craigmarloch Nurseries: Shrubs
    Craigmarloch Nurseries: Specimen shrubs
    Craigmarloch Nurseries: Container grown trees
    Craigmarloch Nurseries: Field grown specimen trees
    Craigmarloch Nurseries: Herbaceous perennials
    Craigmarloch Nurseries: Bedding and basket plants

    Craigmarloch Nurseries

    Established in 1972 Craigmarloch Nurseries is Scotlands largest wholesale plant nursery. Based in Kilsyth they supply both plants and sundries to all sectors of the horticultural industry. Key information: 25,000+ products in stock; 15 acre walk-in showcase nursery; services including digital images, tagging and on-site consultations; guaranteed...
    Glasgow Road, Kilsyth, Glasgow, G65 9BX
    Phone: 01236 821355  Visit website
  • ARBOR Nurseries: Shrub plants
    ARBOR Nurseries: Topiary plants
    ARBOR Nurseries: Instant hedging
    ARBOR Nurseries: Container-grown deciduous trees
    ARBOR Nurseries: Container-grown conifers
    ARBOR Nurseries: Stockley Park, Heathrow

    ARBOR Nurseries

    ARBOR Nurseries in Belgium has been cultivating trees, hedging and shrubs for four generations. With 500ha in production, ARBOR is one of the largest nurseries in Europe and exports more than 90% of its products across Europe, as far as Russia. The company specialises in the production of semi-mature and matures specimen deciduous trees, conifers...
    Provinciebaan 85, 2235 Houtvenne-Hulshout, Belgium
    Phone: 00 32 16 689740  Fax: 00 32 16 689741  Visit website
  • Deepdale Trees: Topiary
    Deepdale Trees: Instant hedging
    Deepdale Trees: Feathered trees
    Deepdale Trees: Multistem trees
    Deepdale Trees: Standard trees
    Deepdale Trees: Contract growing service

    Deepdale Trees

    Deepdale Trees Ltd is an established nursery (covering more than 40ha) specialising in the production of semi-mature and mature specimen nursery stock, which is either container grown in airpots or field grown. The company offers a complete service from the point of initial enquiry through to delivery, and can source special products on request...
    Tithe Farm, Hatley Road, Potton, Sandy, SG19 2DX
    Phone: 01767 262636  Visit website