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  • Demistifying Concrete - Part 2
    Marshalls - street furniture
    In recent years, concrete has come under some very close scrutiny in terms of its environmental credentials. Concrete production actually has a low environmental impact, but it is currently manufactured in such enormous quantities that its overall footprint is very high, and world cement production is said to contribute 5-7% of annual man-made CO2...
    Article, 22 April 2015
  • Specifying non-slip decking
    Marley Eternit
    Specifying non-slip decking for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas When specifying decking areas for hotels, restaurants, pubs and smoking areas, consideration must be given to aesthetics, maintenance and safety. Designing deck spaces for these areas using smooth decking benefits from easy to clean boards and a fine non-slip aggregate...
    Article, 15 August 2017
  • Concrete is trending...
    Marshalls - street furniture
    Romy Rawlings explores concrete in architecture: love it or hate it, concrete is a prevalent part of the built environment and, in fact, its use in projects is currently undergoing a renaissance. For many people, architectural concrete is characterised by the Brutalist architecture movement of the 1960s and 1970s and often, this modernist style epitomises its negative undertones: cold and grey...
    Article, 22 April 2015
  • The Corten Steel Weathering Process
    Round Wood of Mayfield
    When you first receive your Corten Steel products they will arrive in an un-weathered or partly weathered condition. Once placed outside the weathering process will begin. Each stage is explained in more detail below, to help you understand where in the process your Corten Steel is, and what to expect next. See link for image to reference stage...
    Article, 18 August 2015
  • The Benefits Of Tree Protection
    Furnitubes International
    There are many ways that trees have a positive impact on our lives - from improvements in air quality, increased security, to health benefits and protection from rain and sun: Tree Grilles traditionally constructed of cast iron and sat in a metal frame, tree grilles allow for water and air to go straight to the roots. This is vital for young trees...
    Article, 13 February 2018
  • 7 tips to greatly improve the quality of car parks
    Meon Ltd
    Car parks are a common and, some would say, underrated system within any industry - public and private. They provide an organised, safe, and easy way to park when visiting somewhere. Although holding such importance to a facility, car parks do not get the maintenance or surface paint needed to allow them to work to the best of their abilities. In...
    Article, 13 February 2018
  • Modular designs that don’t stick to standard dimensions
    If you are designing a large landscape scheme that will be a pleasure for people to live and work in, planters are a useful tool to have in your project. Planting brings life to streets, squares, parks and housing developments, making spaces more enjoyable and adding colour and biodiversity. Designing planters with a modular timber system allows...
    Article, 12 July 2016
  • A guide to the benefits of urban trees
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd
    Over the last decade, the activities of numerous charities and public sector organisations (eg Trees for Cities, The Forestry Commission and Natural England) have helped to put the creation of sustainable urban forests firmly on the agenda for politicians, policy makers, planners and landscape design professionals. Throughout this period, ongoing...
    Article, 03 August 2016
  • Creating the perfect sports pitch
    To the untrained eye, a fence is just a fence. But when it comes to enclosing sports areas, it can keep balls in play, reduce maintenance, provide safety and security, deter vandalism and graffiti and even be an integral part of the field of play. Mo Ali, Zaun’s sports systems expert explains below. I’m on a mission to better inform specifiers and...
    Article, 22 June 2015
  • Code for geosynthetics and steel meshes
    Road Surface Treatments Association
    A new code from the Road Surface Treatments Association (RTSA) points the way forward for future development of geosynthetics and steel meshes Cracking in asphalt roads and pavements is one of the biggest problems faced by highway maintenance engineers, who are increasingly turning to geosynthetics and steel meshes as a long-term solution. A new...
    Article, 05 February 2013
  • Playground safety - back to basics
    Keeping kids safe in the playground Despite our best efforts, accidents can still take place in playgrounds, but there are steps that we can take to minimise risk. There are many ways that we can turn playgrounds into prosperous environments where kids can learn and have fun without being met with danger. Soft surfaces can be worth their weight in...
    Article, 03 November 2015
  • Top tips for specifying sports ground fencing
    Procter Contracts
    Sports grounds need fencing, either to stop balls straying or prevent trespassing – or both. However, with so many different types to choose from, specifying fencing is not straightforward. This article provides five top tips to help specifiers select the optimum fencing and stay within budget. Stray balls interrupt the flow of play and can annoy...
    Article, 21 August 2017
  • Calculating target soil volumes
    GreenBlue Urban Ltd
    Probably the most critical factor in tree health and longevity is the provision of enough quality soil for the tree roots. When planning trees into urban projects, it is crucial that the target soil volume is established in the early design stages. This will maximise return on your green investments and ensure they grow quickly into large healthy...
    Article, 17 May 2016
  • This Girl Can campaign can help tackle activity levels
    On Friday the 11th December it was announced by England’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies that obesity is the biggest threat to women’s health. She said this needs to become a national priority....
    Article, 09 February 2016
  • What role do SUDS play in green infrastructure?
    Marshalls - street furniture
    Romy Rawlings examines the role that sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs) play in green infrastructure. With over 5.2 million properties in England at risk of flooding, SUDs should be a part of an integrated strategy when considering how our landscape is designed and managed....
    Article, 22 April 2015