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  • DLF Seeds: HorseMax Paddock grazing grass seed mix
    HorseMax Paddock grazing grass seed mix
    DLF Seeds
    HorseMax Paddock is a good quality, hard-wearing paddock mixture that lasts for many years. The inclusion of strong creeping red fescue ensures good shoot density and minimises trampling damage in wet conditions. The mix provides palatable grazing and can be cut for hay if required. Cultivars lower in water soluble carbohydrate (sugar) will help...
    Product, 22 August 2017
  • Althon: SFA15 C headwall
    SFA15 C headwall
    Where a Headwall is part of a Section 104 Agreement and the Sewers are to be adopted once completed by the local Water Company then the materials used and installation must comply with the ‘Sewers for Adoption’ guidelines. Althon SFA Precast Concrete Headwalls offer a cost effective alternative to in-situ structures for connecting pipework...
    Product, 18 May 2015
  • Sovereign Design Play Systems: Bonded rubber mulch safer surfacing
    Bonded rubber mulch safer surfacing
    Sovereign Design Play Systems
    Long-lasting and available in a spectrum of colours, Bonded Rubber Mulch is a popular form of safety surfacing made from shredded rubber chippings. It is skip resistant, comfortable to walk on and highly versatile....
    Product, 13 August 2014
  • Furnitubes International: Elements® picnic bench & table
    Elements® picnic bench & table
    Furnitubes International
    Elements picnic benches and tables are the perfect design to offer the maximum choice of styles, sizes, materials and features. Comprising of iroko timber slats with a choice of either picture frame or post supports, the tables are offered in two lengths to sit 3 or 4 person on each side with a choice of 3 timber slat sizes in two layout forms...
    Product, 05 September 2017
  • eibe Play Ltd: eibe paradiso Kwasir stair ascent
    eibe paradiso Kwasir stair ascent
    eibe Play Ltd
    The paradiso Kwasir stair ascent is made from beautiful robinia and leads the way to a suitable add-on slide descent. Item code: 54521205306...
    Product, 24 June 2015
  • Corden Group: Cordguard 358 prison mesh panels
    Cordguard 358 prison mesh panels
    Corden Group
    Cordguard Pre-galvanised prison mesh panels have a high-density weld configuration that provides a finger-proof, anti-climb barrier with a high delay factor to potential intruders or escapees. The fencing is extremely difficult to cut using conventional wire cutters. It provides excellent through visibility, due to a 4.00mm* wire diameter and a...
    Product, 04 August 2017
  • Kent Stainless (Wexford): Kent Flat Top Bollard KFTB101-3
    Kent Flat Top Bollard KFTB101-3
    Kent Stainless (Wexford)
    The Kent Flat Top Bollard KFTB101-3 is manufactured from 101mm diameter stainless steel with a 3mm thick wall. Grade 316L Stainless Steel as standard and polished to 320 grit, giving an Ra value of less than 0.5. Standard length is 1200mm, with 300mm being cast below ground, giving 900mm above ground. Laser-cut pull out sprags, along with a...
    Product, 13 July 2016
  • Streetlife: Highlife Tree Planters
    Highlife Tree Planters
    The Highlife Tree Tubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are part of the Highlife range. These chic tree planters comprise a metal construction, which is fully covered with FSC hardwood slats in the distinctive alternating narrow and wide Highlife pattern. The black plinth at the top affords the planters an attractive finish. For...
    Product, 20 September 2016
  • Jacksons Fencing: Barbican Imperial® SR1 | LPS 1175 Security Rated 1
    Barbican Imperial® SR1 | LPS 1175 Security Rated 1
    Jacksons Fencing
    Barbican Imperial® LPS 1175 SR1 system of fencing and gates feature a welded pale-through-rail construction for strength and security integrity. The horizontal railed are sleeved on to the upright posts with concealed fixings to provide timeless design suitable for most settings: LPS 1175 approved; secured by Design Preferred Specification; welded...
    Product, 31 August 2017
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Diane Bench
    Diane Bench
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Diane Bench is a modular seat which is manufactured from Performance Concrete (HPC) The bench is tapered at the ends and features smooth sides, equipped with powder coated supports. The linear bench comes in several sections, flat, and increased wave gradient sections to create a sontinous bench with a wave effect....
    Product, 13 October 2017
  • Benkert Street Furniture: Benkert C400 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert C400 stainless steel bollard
    Benkert Street Furniture
    The C400 RAL coated stainless steel bollard is robust and long lasting. Simple, yet contemporary, it can be used in all areas. Options for root fixed, surface mounted and removeable, this bollard is a great addition to any regenerated area....
    Product, 26 November 2013
  • NBB Outdoor Shelters: Winterbourne smoking / waiting shelter
    Winterbourne smoking / waiting shelter
    NBB Outdoor Shelters
    The Winterbourne offers a cost effective way of providing outdoor cover for a number applications, including as a smoking or waiting shelter. Its robust design means that it is built to last and can easily be maintained. NBB can design a freestanding version or can create a shelter which can be attached to an exisiting wall. NBB offers a complete...
    Product, 09 September 2016
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Ferrocast Giant Pencil bollard
    Ferrocast Giant Pencil bollard
    Marshalls - street furniture
    The Giant Pencil bollard is manufactured from Ferrocast, an engineering grade polyurethane, which is cast around a steel core. Ferrocast is extremely strong and has a non-ferrous exterior, meaning it will not rust. The Giant Pencil is a fun and attractive bollard design, especially suitable for identifying school crossing patrols. The Giant Pencil...
    Product, 24 March 2017
  • AUTOPA Limited: Model F Cycle Holder
    Model F Cycle Holder
    AUTOPA Limited
    The VELOPA Model F Cycle Holder has a simple, functional design which supports the tyre of a bicycle. Manufactured from a 50mm fl at steel plate and 12mm steel bar, the holder is galvanised for longevity. Simple to install, the Model F Cycle Holder is designed to be bolted to a suitable existing wall, providing sites with a compact and cost...
    Product, 22 June 2016
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Eclatec Zenda LED luminaire
    Eclatec Zenda LED luminaire
    Marshalls - street furniture
    The Zenda is a striking example of luminaire design. High tech and futuristic, with a distinctive visual signature that complements the contemporary design language of 21st century 'campus type' developments. It is suitable for minor roads, footpaths, cycle paths, squares, parks and residential lighting. As an LED only luminaire it is energy...
    Product, 25 April 2016